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Photoshop.com Mobile

October 19th, 2009
Edit photos easily.

The Photoshop.com website and service has been around for over a year. This new iPhone app offers basic editing and a few filters and effects. The interface is one of the nicest Iíve seen in an iPhone app. Four icons let you control your edits with the usual finger drag. Everyone should load this app. If you search Appleís App Store, youíll find over 75 pages of photography-related programs. To be honest roughly 20% of those donít really have anything to do with photography, such as BabyBuilder Lite or 100 Hot Women. Of the remaining 80% about half of them are apps actually designed for editing photos and they range in price from free to $19.99. Itís a crowded category to say the least.

Adobe Systems threw their hat in with their release of Photoshop.com Mobile. This is a free app for anyone who wants to edit photos on their iPhone. It lets you crop, adjust hue and saturation, rotate, and use a handful of filters and effects. It also works in conjunction with the Photoshop.com website where it stores your photos and lets you share them with others.

The Photoshop.com website and service has been around for over a year and it offers basic editing and a few filters and effects, but certainly nothing even remotely close to the capabilities of the Photoshop application. Heck, not even close to what Photoshop Elements can do, but I digress, this is Photoshop.com Mobile, itís not meant to be Photoshop but, when you have the name in image editing you have to be careful what you attach it to, lest you hurt your brand. My first impression of Photoshop.com Mobile is that the interface is one of the nicest Iíve seen in an iPhone app. It sports a minimalist layout, and is nice looking and easy to learn. You start with a choice of editing an existing photo from your iPhone library or snapping a new photo. You can change the orientation of your photo if needed, to help you perform your edits. After youíve made your choice, youíre shown your photo with 4 icons along the top. The first icon lets you Crop, Rotate, or Flip the photo. Crop is straightforward, you move the grid around and drag the corners until you have the area to be cropped enclosed inside the grid and then you click the green arrow at bottom right. Rotate and Flip are similarly easy to use with the flick of your finger.

Crop, Rotate, or Flip Your Photo

The second icon is for the Exposure, Saturation, Tint, and Black & White adjustments. The controls are easy to manipulate. You choose the parameter you wish to edit, and just drag your finger slowly left or right to adjust the value of the parameter, shown numerically at the top. This is a nice use of the iPhoneís touch interface.

Saturation Help Tip

The third and fourth icons are for filters and effects which consist of your basic fare: Sketch, Soft Focus, Vibrant, Pop (Andy Warhol 4-color quadrant), Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow, and Soft Black and White.

Add Photo Effects

When youíre done with the editing you can Save and Exit or Save and Upload to your Photoshop.com account.

Save Icon and Choices

The only function I miss is the ability to resize a photo; other than that, I think the app works perfectly on an iPhone or an iPod touch, and is extremely easy to learn. This isnít the best photo editor for the iPhone, but itís easily the best of the free ones, and itís as good as most of the paid apps. Photoshop.com Mobile has earned its space on my iPhone and I recommend it if you want easy, basic editing with a few filters and 2GB of free storage on Photoshop.com to store and share them online.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor
Sleek, intuitive interface.
Good basic editing.
Free online storage Cons
No photo resizing.