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Radius Atomic Bass Earphones

February 12th, 2009
Great sound quality at a reasonable price.

The readily apparent Japanese aesthetics in the Radius Atomic Bass earbud design help them stand out from the crowded earphone market. Their understated aluminum tooling and sleek lines make the earbuds almost invisible when listening to your music.

Designed with comfort in mind, these earphones deliver a great sound while fitting snugly in your ear. At under 50 dollars, they are cheap enough for those looking for a decent pair of ear buds to replace their iPod earbuds while still delivering the sound of more expensive ear buds.

With the super thin rubber wire and deep in-ear style, these earbuds are barely noticeable. This is great news for athletes who wear helmets. I took the buds out for a spin on my snowboard and barely noticed them. The headphones were so flush with my ear that they never touched my helmet.

If you have small ear canals, that’s not a problem with the Atomic Bass earbuds. The designation of “for small ears” is spot on; big ear canals need not apply. The earbuds come with three different sized fittings, as do most buds. However, the smallest size seems perfect for younger audiences. As my ears are around the medium range I had to use the largest ear cups. The comfortable silicone fittings combined with the angle, allows the earbuds to stay in place even when moving around vigorously, read: jumping jacks. According to CEO, Ben Sedaghat, they use standard soft wire, instead of braided wire, which reduces the conduction of sound and therefore reduces that thumping you hear in some earphones when running and jumping.

The Sound

The name Atomic Bass may be misleading. While these earbuds have great sound, I wouldn’t call the bass atomic, or even spectacular. They don’t amplify the bass per se, but do provide clear substantial bass, instead of that muddy sound when compared with iPod earbuds or other earbuds in the low price and sound quality range. When compared with more expensive products, such as the V-Moda Vibe Duo, the Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones clearly pale in comparison.

The Atomic Bass earbuds are great in the treble range. The middle range is also pretty strong, but the bass notes seem lost if you don’t have the earphones in tight. To get the full effect of the bass notes you must shove them far into your ear to form what feels like a suction cub seal within your ear canal. I wasn’t comfortable with creating this seal. Even then, the bass doesn’t seem outstanding; it is slightly better quality sound than usually available for the price range.

The Atomic Bass earbuds have great design aesthetics but fall short of the sound quality advertised by the manufacturer. The reasonable price for that sound t adds more value though, so we’ve rated it 4-stars.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor - Minor corrections made after original post.
Inexpensive. Aesthetically pleasing, sleek design. Decent sound range with great treble notes. Excellent fit for people with small ears. Cons
Can become uncomfortable after shoving the earbuds deep into your ear for an extended period. Small fittings may not work for larger people.