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iFrogz Earpollution Plugz

January 29th, 2009
Inexpensive, noise cancelling ear buds in a variety of colors.

One of the most popular add-ons for the iPod are replacement earphones. For me, the iPod ear buds are just a bit too large and too hard, and after about an hour, my ears get sore. For others, the included ear buds are too small, and fall out easily. If fit is a problem and you use your buds in noisy environments, iFrogz makes the Earpollution Plugz, a set of soft, noise isolating ear buds.

The Earpollution Plugz comes with a pair of medium sized tips installed, plus a small plastic bag with a pair each of larger and smaller tips, for people with different sized ears. When you choose the correct size, the buds fit snugly inside your ear canals. They provide some noise isolation, a nice benefit when you are on an airplane, for instance.

I played several fixed tones through the Plugz, and they played all the tones from about 26 hertz up to 13,000 Hz, which is the limit of my own hearing. iFrogz claims response from 30 Hz up to 20 KHz.

One down side of these in-ear buds is that jostling the 1-meter cord causes sounds to be heard in your ears; I suspect the cause is the buds moving against the inside of your ears. I have noticed this in other in-ear headphones, but it seems especially pronounced in the Plugz.

The only other flaw that I could find in these ear buds is when playing music that has a lot of bass; I thought that the bass response was muted, compared to other headphones. Then again, most of these other noise isolating phones cost significantly more. The reasonably priced Earpollution Plugz are currently available on the iFrogz web site for a 20% discount. This MacNN review unit was supplied by Dr. Bott, LLC.

The Earpollution Plugz are available in more than a dozen different color schemes, including black and silver, orange, pink, and red. Some include black ear tips, while others include clear tips. Mine are a dark blue design on a black background. This color scheme made the "L" and the "R" printed on the backs of the ear buds hard to make out, especially in poor light.

Teal and Black Earpollution Plugz

If you need an inexpensive set of ear buds for any type of digital media player, these are a good buy. They are comfortable to wear for long periods and seem sturdy. iFrogz also sells a small waterproof carrying bag for an additional $1.99. While the sound alone rates 3.5 stars, the price pops them up to a 4-star product.


Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor
Comfortable. Inexpensive. Nice styling. Cons
Lack bass fidelity. Bumping the cords causes audible sound. The "L" and "R" were hard to read in some the color schemes.