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Artwizz iPod Accessories

May 6th, 2008
Accessories for your iPods and iPhone.

There are so many decent iPod and iPhone cases and accessories that MacNN has decided to review some of these items as a group. Our first article on the CoverCase product line of Cobra iPod cases generated positive comments, so expect to see more one-company multiple product reviews. Also, look for multiple case reviews for one iPod product in the future. This week Kelcey Lehrich evaluates an iPhone case and iPod scratch solutions from Artwizz GmBH.

If your iPod has a few more scratches on it than you would like, you might want to make it shine like new and protect it for the future. Artwizz, a German manufacturer of iPod and iPhone accessories, offers everything you need to restore and protect all of your Apple music devices.

All scratched up

I used The Artwizz Shine & Care Kit (http://artwizz.com/198+M52087573ab0.html) on my fifth-generation iPod video and it worked quite well. Iíve dropped my iPod once or twice and the backside isnít so shiny and pretty anymore. I just followed all the instructions Artwizz enclosed and now have a like-new iPod.

Scratched iPod Before Treatment

First, I used the included microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the iPod, and then I applied the polishing cream. Artwizz says you need to polish the surface with the included polishing cloth for two to three minutes. I found this amount of time removed most of my tiny scratches, but as a perfectionist, I ended up using the whole tube of polishing cream and spent about ten minutes in total.

Shine and Care Kit Application

I was quite pleased with the results. My iPod is now mostly scratch free and I feel that the Shine & Care Kit provided a reasonable value for the $10.00 MSRP.

Shiny Unscratched iPod

If you want to remove scratches from your i-Pod products, this kit should work quite well for any iPod or an iPhone. MacNN Rating: 4.5 Stars.

How to Stay Scratch Free - The ScratchStopper

Now that I removed the old scratches, I applied a ScratchStopper skin to the front and back of my 30 GB iPod to make sure it stays that way. I have never been a big fan of the screen protectors or other thin plastic covers that are sold for electronic devices, but the ScratchStopper is awesome. It is very thin and I have already forgotten that itís even on my iPod. There is no noticeable size, weight, or texture difference. Artwizz indicates that air bubbles are normal and usually disappear within 24 hours. Most of mine are gone, but there are still several large pockets of air trapped below the film surface.

ScratchStopper iPod Classic

For only $18.00 Artwizz supplies you with three sets of clear skins for both the front and back of your iPod. With the ScratchStopper I finally feel like my iPod is protected without a lot of bulk. Artwizz makes a ScratchStopper for every apple iPod product currently in production. If thin, easy, inexpensive protection is what you want, look no further. MacNN Rating: 4 Stars.

Show me the case - The SeeJacket

The moderately impressive SeeJacket Crystal Case for the iPod Touch is last Artwizz product I tested. The 2-piece transparent impact resistant polycarbonate snaps together over your iPod. Even though the plastic covers the screen, it still works - most of the time.

SeeJacket Crystal Case

I found it somewhat difficult to operate the iPod with the case on, but the case offered great protection for the vulnerable parts of my iPod. Case shoppers who consider full-coverage cases like the SeeJacket must consider a serious trade off: Best screen protection or less screen protection and ease of use.

SeeJacket Crystal Case Head On View

For me the case was just okay. Pricing is inline with other cases that offer similar protection, but I wasnít overly impressed. I think the case is just a touch flimsy by itself, although when wrapped around my iPod it seemed solid. I also think the headphone port could be just little bigger, as some 1/8-inch cables I tried to plug in didnít fit quite right.

The SeeJacket case is available for the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod nano, Apple iPhone, and iPod Classic. It retails for $30.00. MacNN Rating: 3.5 Stars.

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Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor
Shine & Care Kit Ė Removes small scratches as promised. ScratchStopper Ė Very thin. Easy to apply SeeJacket Ė Comprehensive iPod Touch protection. Protects the screen. Cons
Shine & Care Kit Ė Takes lots and lots of polishing. ScratchStopper Ė Air bubbles didnít disappear as promised. SeeJacket Ė A little flimsier than I like. Headphone jack could be a bit larger.