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Artwizz PowerPhones Pro

April 30th, 2008
Noise canceling lanyard-style earphones from Germany.

Most veteran iPod users will tell you that spending a few dollars on quality headphones is a great investment. Every user has different headphone tastes and requirements; audiophiles want acoustic quality, office workers seek noise canceling bliss for the workplace, and the athletic crowd wants phones that won’t fall out of their ears while exercising. German manufacturer Artwizz sells a nice pair of headphones that have a little something to offer each of these groups.

The Package

The Artwizz PowerPhones Pro ships in a simple easily recyclable cardboard box, but inside the earphones are tucked in a stylish silver case. A velvet storage bag and an extra set of flanged silicone ear buds for smaller ears are carefully packed under foam in the case. For the price, I expected a second set of each size in a zip-lock bag, as are found in many other comparably priced earphones.

PowerPhones Pro Case

The unique PowerPhones Pro design makes them easier to use when moving. An around-the-neck lanyard doubles as a headphone wire and the weight of the headphone wires reduced the possibility of the ear buds accidentally popping out of my ears. Also on the lanyard is an in-line volume control that works with a slider switch. The innovative design of the PowerPhones Pro is practical and well done. The longer than 3-foot (110cm) lanyard including the nickel-plated iPod jack, is a little shorter than I wanted, but should be fine for those under 6-feet tall.

PowerPhones Pro Fit

The PowerPhones Pro are depicted as “high end in ear stereo earphones offering perfect sound with treble clarity and extended deep bass range as well as excellent isolation of ambient noises...” While the PowerPhones Pro sound good, I found the bass overshadowed the mid and high range. With only a 10mm driver in each phone, they were able to pound out the low range of each test song well.

More about the music

I listened to a broad mix of music ranging from “Jeans On” by Keith Urban to “Great Escape” by Boys Like Girls with Josh Groban, The Goo Goo dolls, and Justin Timberlake. I felt that the bass line on each track was perfect. The mid-range and vocals definitely left something to be desired; vocals and melody often sounded muddied by the powerful bass sections. After playing with the iTunes equalizer settings, I found a few acceptable pre-sets, all of which had the bass significantly reduced. With the PowerPhones Pro bass capabilities in check, I enjoyed everything much more. They have excellent acoustic clarity and the silicone ear buds kept ambient noise very low.

Bottom line

All in all the PowerPhones Pro are a good product, but will set you back almost $100. If you like a strong bass line and want quality headphones, the PowerPhones Pro may be a great choice. The innovative wire-in-lanyard design is great for the athletes among us. The acoustic clarity and noise canceling abilities should please most anyone. If you’re looking for headphones that highlight the mid or high range you could do better elsewhere. With a little less bass Artwizz would have a real winner here.

Technical specs:

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor
Innovative lanyard. Integrated volume control. Great bass response. Metal storage box and velvet bag. Cons
Muddy mid-range. A bit too much bass. Only one set each of 2-sizes of removable ear buds. Pricey.