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Leather Cobra iPod Series CoverCase

December 27th, 2007
Snake-skin stamped leather cases for iPods of all flavors.

If an iPod was under your Christmas tree, Chanukah menorah, or other holiday structure this year, you probably want to protect it with one of the many cases available. Most cases are fairly expensive, but Cover Case makes reasonably priced cases, that provide close to full protection for your precious music player or phone.

Case with Style

After looking at a few of the CoverCase offerings, I decided that the Cobra iPod CoverCase is the best value. The professional appearance makes it a good choice for anyone who carries his or her iPod to work, or for someone who likes a more formal look. There are cases made to fit the iPod 3G Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, and iPhone. All of the cases are under $20.00, as compared to other leather cases that retail for four times that much.

The Cobra iPod black leather case sports a small snake-like pattern that looks elegant and feels nice. The well-done stitching has with no loose threads. The Nano case has finished edges, with what looks like a black plastic or glue seal, so that case separation or fraying does not occur.

Customized for each iPod

Each case has appropriate cut outs so that you can access the Dock connector, earphone jack, or hold switch. These are flip cases, so the top folds over to protect your click wheel and screen. You may be able to use the top of the case as a stand once broken in, but I had little success doing this. A magnet holds the flip top closed. Each case ships with an appropriate-sized plastic screen protector and a very small screen cleaning cloth. I have not removed the screen protector to see if it leaves any adhesive behind, but if it does, that is easily cleaned off with products like OmniCleanz from RadTech.

Colors for Some

The iPod Classic Cobra case comes in three colors, Eclipse Black, Blaze Red, and Envy Green. It also fit on my iPod 80GB video, but it was a very tight fit, and of course, the cut outs arenít quite right. A snappy looking Blaze Red with a black interior iPhone Cobra case is also available on the site.

Cobra iPod Classic Cases

The thin red suede interior lining of each case reduces scratches and further protects your iPod. The iPod Classic, Touch, and iPhone Cobras have visible red edge stitching inside, but the Nano case does not.

Cobra iPod Touch Case

Most of the cases include a sew-in belt clip, but I am not impressed with them. Only the iPhone case had a strong large plastic, removable clip with an alligator-like clip opening. The others have a leather-covered clip that just pulls out and seems too short to be very useful. I would not trust any of the clips on a waist belt, except the iPhone case clip. The clips are probably best used inside a computer case or purse to attach the case to an inside pocket.

iPhone Red Cobra with Belt Clip

My negative impressions are limited. First, for each case, there was a distinctive odor when I opened the package. It was either a glue or a dye smell; most probably dye. Please air your case out in an open space before use, as I had a slight allergic reaction to the odor initially. The smell disappears in about half an hour. As this is a new case, I havenít had time to use it for an extended period of time, so how they show wear will have to wait for a review update in a few months. Inexpensive leather usually does not wear well, and creases appear in folds, such as the cover, if you flip it over to support the iPod while watching video. CoverCase uses fine Italian leather, but it is not thick, so I expect some wear lines to appear. Also, the small strips on the bottom of the iPod Touch, iPhone, and Classic cases may wear out first, but they have a life-time warranty, so its not a big worry.

Packaging seems a big issue lately and Iím happy to report that CoverCase uses a thin cardboard outer covering that is easily recycled. The inside plastic either snaps open or is one piece, so no package wrestling required.
Elegant look. Italian leather with red suede interior. Ships with screen cover and cleaning cloth. Reasonably priced. Full life-time warranty. Cons
Distinct odor upon opening the package. Thin leather. Belt clip too short or inadequate on all but the iPhone case.