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TwinMOS BooM1 iPod Speakers

October 31st, 2007
A unique iPod stereo system.

The TwinMos BooM1 is a two-piece iPod speaker system that promises to deliver a 2.1 channel sound experience. The BooM1 has two left and right stereo speakers that look a bit like a canoe and acts as a dock. A separate subwoofer delivers the bass in an oddly designed, yet kind of cool looking case.


The BooM Box subwoofer operates at 25-watts which is able to pack quite a punch. Combined with the two stereo speakers running at 8 watts each, you have a combined 41-watt output. TV out is available through the composite connection in the rear of the speaker dock as well as line-in for non-powered devices. The speaker system will not work with my XBOX 360 or connect to my laptop. However, if you have another MP3 player that isn't an iPod, you can plug it into this system.


Decked out with a glossy exterior, the centre of the BooM1 holds the iPod dock highlighted with blue neon lights, infrared sensor, and touch volume controls. This is a nice simplified approach to volume control, but while using the buttons, I experienced some problems with the remote. Whenever I touched these buttons, the infrared remote stopped working.

Neatly tucked behind the dock is a USB port, which allows you to plug in the original iPod shuffle. I can't imagine that many people still have one of these, but this feature is a nice add-on. What would have been better is if it could also play back MP3 tracks from a standard MP3 USB stick.

In the rear is the power button, connector for the BooM Box, a 12V power connection, audio in port, and the composite TV out. This is a simple set up for anyone to use easily. The TV out is an added bonus because only a few of the iPod docking sets out there actually include this.

The BooM1 ships with a slim line remote. For some reason, TwinMos chose to bundle a silver colored remote control with this speaker system. That is extremely odd considering that the BooM1 only comes in white or black.

The subwoofer reminds me of a helmet or some kind of prop out of a sci-fi movie, which makes it look cool. The bass is downward firing, which some people just donít like. It is a personal preference and you have to listen to the system to hear whether you like it or not.

If you want something uniquely odd, try the BooM1 Aqua. The simple white or black exterior is replaced with a gold or silver pattern.

TwinMoss BooM1 Aqua

Sound quality

My test tracks for this speaker system ranged from the new album from Newton Faulkner to Rosie Thomas and Mark Ronson. With a good range of bass and vocals in these albums, I tested to see if the speaker system could live up to its name.

I was impressed with the mid range and tweeters built in to the main unit, however the subwoofer did let me down. There was something missing from the sound levels and made any bass in the song stand out completely from the track that was playing. It didn't sound natural. Acoustic tracks or any track with without a lot of bass make a pleasant listening experience with the TwinMos BooM1 system, however there isn't enough oomph in these speakers to justify its name.


TwinMos needs to re-think the design of the subwoofer to make it sound better. The sound doesn't gel with the rest of the system. This is partly a result of the downward firing sub and partly because the subwoofer is separate from the main unit. Whatever the cause for the poor bass, it really lets the system down.

With its unique design, the helmet shaped subwoofer and boat-like iPod dock, complete with blue neon lights, is dangerously close to being relegated to novelty product status. It is a decent speaker system, just not great.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor

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Unique looking speaker system. Simple and quick to set up. Charges your iPod or iPhone. Compatible with all iPods back to the 3G. Good novelty gift. Cons
Bass lacks natural sound and volume. Not available in US yet.