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Viro Laptop Courier Bag

October 17th, 2007
A Perfect Fit for Your MacBook.

When you travel a lot, you expect dependable luggage. I was walking through the airport last week, when the unthinkable happened! My two-year-old laptop bag broke a strap. No handle on a bag that weighs in at about 20 pounds is a major situation. (Editorís Note: Iíve seen crushed corners on PowerBooks from just such an unexpected event.) Once home I started surfing the Net to check into an upgraded laptop bag. There is a vast selection of cases, backpacks, sleeves, and messenger bags, but not enough information as to which one fits my needs.

I pride myself on using a laptop bag that matches the quality of my Apple products. As a previous Spire USA customer, I was happy with their laptop cases and Atom Cord Pouches, so I looked into their new offerings. They had just what I want.

Courier Bag Just For MacBook

Among their selection of backpacks and bags is a new, compact, light, and sturdy courier bag. The Viro is the perfect bag for a 13-inch MacBook or a 14.1-inch PC Laptop. The messenger style bag measures 14.5" x 12.0" x 4.5" and weighs 2.0 pounds. The laptop bag comes in three different colors: Cosmic Green/Black, Midnight Blue/Black, and my personal favorite Stealth Black. The feature list is impressive, but I need to get my hands on a product to experience how good the bag is before I can determine how well it meets my needs.

Built to Last

The first thing I noticed when I pulled the bag out of the shipping box was just how compact it is; the Viro looks as though it was built, from the ground up, for a small laptop. This can be a double-edged sword in terms of space, but the Viro makes up for its compact size with plenty of packing room. The courier bag is made of quality material, 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon, and feels as though it is built to last. With what I have in store for it over the next few years, that is a very good thing.

The exterior plastic clasp, which opens and closes the bag, is a full size 2" buckle that is simple to use, especially with my small hands. As far as the rest of the exterior goes the Viro is easily my best looking laptop bag to date. Everything looks like it belongs where it is and there is no visual junk to crowd the outside of the bag. The Viro really shines where your laptop sits. For such a small product, I was surprised to see how much protection the actual laptop compartment provides. Spire USA advertises that the Viro includes TripleShock Padding and they mean it. I think if I dropped this out my fifth story window, my laptop would survive. The balance of the Viro is pockets used to store cables, chargers, CDs, cell phones, sunglasses, pens, and other items you use in conjunction with your laptop.

Plenty of Room and Features

I tried to fill up the Viro courier bag with everything from my previous, much bulkier, laptop luggage but was surprised when I noticed two small pockets still empty. A small laptop bag has many possibilities; I took it on the train, on my back during a bike ride, and even to class and it worked perfectly for each situation. This courier bag is more than you could want. Everything about the Viro screams quality and at a reasonable price.

Other features of the bag include reflective oval cutouts, a pass-through for luggage handles, removable key fob, MP3 pocket with a headphone grommet, water bottle holder, and many pockets. The multiple handles include an anti-sag reinforced padded handle, asymmetrical shoulder strap, and a rarely found removable waist strap. I think the Viro will accompany me all over the world for years to come. It is nice to know I have one less thing to worry about now.

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Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor
Quality material. Excellent laptop padding Perfect fit for MacBook. Lots of pockets. Choice of colors. Reasonable price. Lightweight. Lifetime warranty against defects. Cons
May not fit everything needed for a long business trip. Large plastic buckles.