Braven Fuse Bluetooth Audio Mixer

Debuting at CES 2015, the Braven Fuse was claimed to be a portable, party-starting music mixer. As an entry-level product, just about anyone can pick it up and use it. Add a rechargeable battery to the mix as well as both Bluetooth inputs and outputs, and it looks on paper to be a pretty solid product. We got our hands on t ...

Mon Jan 11

Foscam C2 Indoor HD Wireless Camera

If you're not sold on whole-home security systems, but you're looking for a good way to help protect your home when you can't be there to do it, you've got an array of choices to pick from. Today, we add another WiFi security camera to our collection that we've reviewed, the Foscam C2 Indoor HD Wireless Camera.Why Both ...

Mon Jan 4

Lola headphones by Blue

A little over a year ago, I wrote a rave review of Blue Microphones' first-ever headphones, called the Mo-Fi. A year later, I am still loving them. They are amplified headphones of the sort that has since become very popular with music lovers, and what I liked best about them was that they had a great fit and a very "flat ...

Mon Jan 4

Booq Boa Saddle bag

As the Traveler-in-Chief of the MacNN staff, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on ferries, busses, trains, airplanes, taxis and Uber vehicles, and my own car. From thrice-weekly lunch meetings to month-long Fringe tours, not only do I log tens of thousands of miles every year, but my notebook computer comes with me nearly ...

Thu Dec 31

KitSound Hive 2 Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker market is heavily saturated at the moment. Considered by many to be an ideal accessory to gift someone, high sales of the popular audio devices have prompted manufacturers to come out with cheaper, smaller models to try and take the sale away from a more-expensive, higher-quality device. The KitSound H ...

Thu Dec 24

Penclic Mk1 Mechanical Keyboard

If you're an extremely fast typist, chances are your keyboard can't keep up with you. It's a fact that most keyboards aren't engineered for especially fast typists and those of us who type particularly fast run into a battery of problems. These can include missing letters or duplicating letters due to lack of tactile fe ...

Wed Dec 23

Electrohome Archer Classic Turntable

Vinyl is big again, with many bands now releasing their music to vinyl and digital instead of CD and digital. Because of this, tons of people are looking for the perfect beginner record player, and as people with a sizable record collection, we don't blame them. Today, we're here to show you a nice portable turntable, Ele ...

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TestFlight updated for iOS, watchOS

Apple on Thursday updated its developer-oriented TestFlight software to version 1.3.2 for compatibility with apps being developed for iOS 9.3 watchOS 2.2, along with the usual "stability and performance improvements." Some developers, however, are still reporting some issues loading beta apps onto the watchOS 2.2 beta. The latest beta for developers was released on Monday, and is available through the App Store or Apple's developer portal. [3.60MB]


CBS: No recent streaming conversations with Apple

CBS CEO Les Moonves has made remarks, casting doubt on a launch of Apple's live streaming television service. In interviews this week, the executive said regarding negotiations with Apple that "we had conversations awhile back, and we haven't had recent conversations with them," adding that "the phone is always ringing" regarding similar services, but not with Apple on the line.


Complex date setting bug crashes 64-bit iOS device

A serious bug has been spotted with iOS devices running iOS 8 or newer, with a 64-bit processor. If a user disables auto-check time, and manually sets the date of a device back to as far as it will go, then again to January 1, 1970, and finally rebooting, the iPhone is crashed, perhaps terminally. The bug affects the iPhone 5s and newer devices, running a processor from the A7 and up. Theories abound as to the cause of the crash, but the most credible seems to be a clock set to less than an arbitrary "zero" date, causing all manners of routines relying on the time setting to fail during startup.


Weber buys iDevices' iGrill, Kitchen Thermometer

Cooking gear manufacturer Weber is purchasing iOS accessory manufacturer iDevices iGrill and Kitchen Thermometer lines. As part of the purchase, Weber is working in parallel with iDevices to roll out a new version of the products, and associated apps, this spring. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. CEO of iDevices Chris Allen said that the transition will allow the company to "focus even more heavily on becoming a leader in the home automation market."


Vevo music video app launched for Apple TV

Vevo today announced its new native tvOS app for the fourth generation Apple TV. The new app allows users Siri Remote navigation for discovery of top videos by genre, or to search for individual artists and videos. Playlists generated on another device sync between all the iterations of the app.


HydraDock team unveils USB 3.1 Type C Roadie

KickShark, the team that brought the HydraDock desktop USB-C dock to market, has launched a Kickstarter project for The Roadie -- a USB 3.1 Type C standard-compliant pocket hub for the 12 inch Apple MacBook and other compatible devices. The Roadie occupies the same footprint on a desk as a credit card, with a short USB-C male cable on one end for connecting to a 12 inch MacBook, and a female USB-C port on the other end for plugging in a MacBook power adapter. One side has an RJ45 jack for gigabit Ethernet, and an HDCP-compliant HDMI jack that handles up to 4K displays. KickShark promises shipment of all products within four weeks of campaign completion. The "early bird" offer for the hub is a $69 commitment, with a $79 commitment for a Roadie after 500 backers have pledged.


HBO Now has 800,000 subscribers

The CEO of HBO, Richard Plepler has confirmed that the online streaming HBO service, HBO Now, has 800,000 subscribers. When criticized for the seemingly low number, Plepler noted that the still nascent service was bound to Apple exclusivity during the fifth season of Game of Thrones. Plepler declared during the Time Warner quarterly earnings conference call marketing for the online-only offering would be enhanced in 2016. While HBO Now's critics are slamming the low numbers, the service must also compete against itself on cable, in addition to Netflix and other streaming services.