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Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012 3:05pm
XtremeMac intros Tango TT dock, new charging accessories
Continuing a series of CES announcements, XtremeMac has announced the Tango TT, a new speaker dock for iOS devices. The dock is unusual in featuring a sliding back, which can raise or lower a device for viewing at different vertical angles. It also features a flexible dock connector, which lets iOS devices (including iPads) sit in the dock in portrait or landscape orientations.

The speakers in the dock are multi-directional, and additionally support input from non-iOS devices through a line-in jack. At launch, a remote app and a photo frame app will be available to enhance use. The Tango TT is due to ship sometime this summer, but no pricing has been announced.

Coming sooner are three charging accessories. Among these are the InCharge Boost, a 2300mAh battery for iOS handhelds, and the InCharge Micro Boost, a 500mAh battery with a carabiner. The latter, though, is intended strictly for iPhones and iPods. Last on the list is the 3-in-1 USB Mobile Cable, which uses different tips to charge iOS, mini USB or micro USB gadgets. All three charging products should ship later this quarter.