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Thursday, Nov 11, 2010 12:35pm
iTunes Ping and Twitter unite for contacts, music sharing
Apple and Twitter today said they had reached a deal to integrate Twitter accounts with Ping. Those who use the micromessaging service can both find other users who've connected their accounts to Ping as well as post any music and commenting activity on Ping and on Twitter at the same time. On the web, music shares will support playing a preview and linking back into the iTunes app.

The change has taken effect immediately and works both on Twitter and on the web. The new two-pane Twitter design is seen as ideal since it lets users sample a track without interrupting the main feed. Mobile apps haven't been updated to add the feature so far.

The move has come after Apple and Facebook have remained at an impasse over a similar deal. Facebook has warned that the sheer volume of requests from Ping would violate the terms of its API access, while Apple has claimed that there were "onerous terms" involved in the compromise Facebook wanted to make. Apple's Steve Jobs and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg have been spotted talking together but haven't produced any results.