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Monday, Jul 26, 2010 11:00pm
SwitchEasy launches Pure, Pure + iPhone 4 screen guards
SwitchEasy has launched two lines of iPhone 4 screen protectors, the Pure and the Pure +. The PureProtect, one of four products in the Pure series, is a scratch-resistant glossy membrane, arriving with three guards, while the PureAntiReflect is a matte finish guard that ships in a pair. The PureReflect is a mirrored, gloss design, while the PurePrivacy limits the viewing angle to help reduce readability from the sides. The PurePrivacy and PureReflect each arrive with a single guard.

The Pure + line features front and back protection for the iPhone 4. The PureProtect + is a set of three pairs of front and back protectors, each with a gloss finish. The PureAntiReflect + is a pair of matte-finish films, while the PureReflect + is a single set of mirrored guards.

The PurePrivacy costs $20, with the rest of the Pure line selling for $13. Each model in the Pure + line sells for $18. All seven varieties ship with a microfiber cloth and a squeegee applicator.

The PureProtect

The PureAntiReflect

The PureReflect

The PurePrivacy

The PureProtect +

The PureAntiReflect +

The PureReflect +