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Tuesday, Mar 17, 2009 12:15am
App enables credit card transactions on iPhone
Skorpiostech in collaboration with Dragon Forged Software, has released Transactions, an application that enables people to make credit card payments through their iPhone and iPod touch. Transaction works with two payment gateways, PayPal and, which requires users to have an account in order to use. Features allow people to charge credit cards wherever an internet connection is available, to view a transaction log that can be exported to a home or work computer, password protection settings, and the use of Apples Keychain to secure confidential information.

Additional abilities of the application enables use over any Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE connection, and comes with the ability to import customer data directly from the iPhone address book. The application comes in both a Pro and Lite version, and allows setting transfers between the two.

Each version is available for downloaded from the App store and is priced at $30 for the Pro and free for the Lite. Both applications offer the same capabilities, with the difference of limitless transactions for the Pro, and only 2 transactions every hour for the Lite.