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Thursday, Jun 19, 2008 11:55am
Gear4 unveils BlackBox 24/7 iPod dock
UK-based Gear4 on Thursday announced the release of its newest iPod dock, the BlackBox 24/7. The new dock is a 12-hour clock with alarm functionality, has a built-in FM radio tuner, and will play music and charge all iPods with docks. An auxiliary input allows the twin 2.75-inch speakers to play music from more traditional MP3 players as well.

Users can set two alarms on the BlackBox 24/7, and wake up to their choice of a radio station, iPod music or a buzzer, all paired with a flashing blue light. The dock is rated at 16W of power, and will charge iPods that have docks. The original BlackBox was not compatible with the iPhone, and it's not known whether or not Gear4 updated their newest product to support the popular handset.

The BlackBox 24/7's launch date was not announced, although it should soon ship in the UK, and be sold in stores and online for the equivalent of about $100.

[via Pocket-lint]