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Wednesday, Jan 16, 2008 10:30am
Griffin lays out 2008 iPod/iPhone accessories
Griffin has announced a host of iPod and iPhone accessories for the coming year, staggered to different release dates. Already available are the TuneFlex AUX ($50) and Elan Form Cork case for iPhone ($30). The latter combines a polycarbonate shell with natural cork, which in addition to providing extra protection, should make an iPhone warmer to the touch in cold weather. The AUX, meanwhile, has been given a new universal design, with a set of adapters to fit Nano and full-sized iPods. The device holds and charges iPods through a car's lighter/12V port connection, and allows repositioning through use of a steel neck. As its name implies though, audio can only be piped out through a bundled 3.5mm stereo cable.

A updated version of the iTrip ($50) has been released as well, with a new look, compatibility with all iPods, and a deliberate gap that permits use with cases.

Coming at the end of January will be the RoadTrip with SmartScan ($100), which functions similarly to the AUX, but incorporates an FM transmitter. The transmitter now also includes Griffin's SmartScan technology, which scans for the three clearest frequencies, assigns them to presets, and then defaults to the best.

February will see the release of the new iTrip for iPod nano ($50), which is simply meant to match the size and shape of the third-generation Nano player.

In March Griffin will release three upgraded power accessories. The PowerJolt ($20) is an in-car iPod/iPhone charger, and will have new a new "low-profile" design with charging indicators. The new PowerBlock ($30) AC adapter will be slimmed down, and the PowerDuo ($40) will combine the Jolt and the Block together.

TuneFlex AUX

iTrip 2008

RoadTrip with SmartScan