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Friday, Jan 04, 2008 6:00pm
Energizer unveils iPod battery extender, more
Energizer today unveiled a new iPod battery extender, as well as several new lighting products; it will be demonstrating them at CES 2008. The Energi To Go for iPod uses two AA batteries, and when used with the company’s e2 Lithium cells, produces over 40 hours of audio playback, or 11 hours of video. The unit unfolds, revealing a dock connector, allowing the iPod to sit in the lightweight battery pack. Energi To Go for iPod comes with two Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries, while pricing and availability has not been mentioned.

Light on Demand is a new line of emergency lights, consisting of seven models. The units feature a removable light stick that uses rechargeable batteries, which can function as a flashlight or area light. Light on Demand models can also use any AAA batteries in the event of a power outage.

The Energizer e2 Lithium Metal Lights uses bright Cree LEDs that can produce up to 110 lumens; light level can also be adjusted to conserve battery power. Energizer’s e2 Lithium Headlight is a hands-free light that can produce 80 to 100 lumens, with a “boost” mode that can give 140 lumens for a short burst of time. The Headlight is also weatherproof, making it ideal for outdoor activities.