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Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007 11:10am
Nokia extends Ovi invitation to Apple
Nokia has offered Apple a chance to join its Ovi Web portal, which would integrate the iTunes Store with the company's own collection of services -- including the Nokia music store, photo sharing, and access to services like Flickr. "In Finnish, Ovi means door. And our door is open. Of course, Apple can get into our portal. We even invite (Apple Inc chief executive) Steve Jobs to do so," said board member Anssi Vanjoki. Vanjoki also said that Apple's iTunes Store would be an enrichment for Nokia's customers, according to Thomson Financial.

Nokia announced its forthcoming Ovi internet services in late August at the Go Play event in London, and unveiled a plan earlier this month to release a public beta desktop version of the software as soon as internal tests are completed -- likely some time in early 2008.

The Ovi service includes the Nokia Music Store, Nokia Maps, and the company's N-Gage Arena gaming platform.