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Thursday, Apr 07, 2005 9:15am
PowerBook, iBook top U.K. consumer magazine
U.K. consumer magazine Which? has published a report on the best laptops in three categories. Apple topped two of the three categories, providing the best desktop replacement and entry level machines. The PowerBook 15" was the best "desktop replacement," and it "tore through our tasks, burning a CD of MP3 files in just over four minutes." The 14" iBook was the highest ranked "entry level" laptop. "Unless you give it intensive tasks - burning a CD of MP3s took just under six minutes - you'll hardly notice a difference between it and the Apple PowerBook." In the "ultra portable" category, the Fujitsu Siemens P7010 Life Book took top honors. "It's smaller than a sheet of A4, weighs just 1.5kg and is powerful enough for most people's needs." However, the article notes the Apple PowerBook 12" is an option, but "we didn't test it."