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Friday, Aug 23, 2013 6:20am
Hands on: SPRNG clip for Apple EarPods
Canadian company SPRNG has recently begun shipping its SPRNG clip for Apple EarPods. Although Apple says that the EarPods are designed to sit just outside the ear canal and stay there on their own, some users complain that they can move around or fall out when on the move or when jogging in particular. The SPRNG clip promises to end those issues if you're experiencing them by adding a stabilizing, flexible strut to the EarPods that sits in under the antihelix of a user's ear -- so do they work as promised and is the $10 asking price worth it?

For this type of component, the SPRNG clip is very elegantly designed. They complement Apple's EarPods extremely well from a looks perspective and, if anything, make the EarPods look more high-end. They were already beautifully styled to begin with, but it's arguable that they do look even better with the SPRNG clip on -- they certainly convey the appearance that they were always a part of the overall design. There is no doubt that the company has got a potentially winning formula on its hands.

As a music lover, I used to almost cringe when I saw people using Apple's original white ear buds knowing that a better listening experience was possible with a relatively small additional outlay. Yet for most people, Apple's original ear buds were good enough. Despite this, Apple has taken the time and expense to completely reengineer and redesign the original ear buds to create the EarPods. They make for a significantly improved listening experience and, while not necessarily challenging high-end in-ear designs, they are more than acceptable for general listening when on the go.

As nice as Apple's design is, however, the EarPods can be frustrating to use as in my experience it is very had to get them to sit in my ear right where I want them, and yes, they can also fall out when walking or running. For some people, this is enough to drive them off the EarPods all together, especially if you want to exercise and listen to music. I've been using the SPRNG clips for the past few days and find that they really do work as advertised. They improve the listening experience of the EarPods considerably by keeping them in the one position, much as you would expect and in-ear solution to do.

So are the SPRNG clips worth an extra $10? In my view, the answer is yes, especially if you are listening to your EarPods when walking around or jogging. Or, you, like me, just don't want to keep adjusting them. The Apple EarPods produce a very acceptable audio experience and buying the SPRNG clips are a smaller investment than buying a new set of headphones or earphones. They will be popular with users who don't want the added bulk of over ear headphones, but who also don't like in-ear earphones. The EarPods with the SPRNG clips will sit outside the ear canal, but still produce a satisfying sound -- without the potentially annoying movement.

By Sanjiv Sathiah