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Tuesday, May 07, 2013 6:04pm
Briefly: Rhapsody, Scosche headphones, Humble Double Fine Bundle
Music service Rhapsody has implemented a new "liner notes" feature, implementing the RIAA's "Give Fans the Credit" plan for including detailed production information with each digital song, including songwriters, background performers, producers and engineers involved in the production. The rollout, scheduled to take place over the next few months, would allow fans to search for music in new ways, such as tracking songs a specific producer was involved in, or for example finding out which songs featured a specific group of sidemen. The service has already started curating collections of tunes grouped by notable names of either producers, engineers or composers.

Scosche now shipping 'reference grade' Bluetooth headphones

Audio accessory maker Scosche is now shipping the RH1060, a set of award-winning Bluetooth headphones to complement its wired "reference grade" headphone line. The RH1060 features 40mm drivers and a custom blend of mylar precision-wound voice coils and rare-earth neodymium magnets, with a ported sound chamber to provide the exact air space required for what the company says is "extremely accurate musical reproduction." The battery is said to deliver up to eight hours of continuous playback, and uses Micro USB to fully charge in under three hours. It has a range of up to 33 feet, features full play and volume controls on the right ear cup, and can optionally be directly connected using an included audio cable. The RH1060 retails for $200.

Humble Bundle offers Double Fine games in new deal

The Humble Bundle group, which organizes bundle sales of mostly independent, DRM-free games in aid of various charities, has launched its latest effort, the Humble Double Fine Bundle. This new offer features the work of Double Fine Productions and Tim Schafer, and includes three games in a pay-what-you-want bundle: Psychonauts, Stacking, and Costume Quest. Buyers who pay more than the current average ($8.10 at this writing) also get the heavy metal-themed Brütal Legend as well.

All the games are available for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms, are DRM-free and include an option key for redemption of the games on Steam (Linux users will have the opportunity to retrieve select games in the Ubuntu Software Center). Soundtracks to the games are also included if desired, in either lossless (FLAC) or lossy (MP3) format. Buyers who buy for $35 or more will also automatically be added as "slacker backers" to the company's current Kickstarter project, a point-and-click adventure game called Broken Age. This will entitle the buyer to development updates, PC and Mac beta access, and a copy of the finished game for Mac, PC and Linux along with Steam access.

The full retail value of the package is over $120, but buyers can pay any amount over $1 to get the basic bundle, more than $8.10 to get all four games, $35 or more to add the Broken Age game and those who wish to donate more than $70 will also receive a limited-edition Double Fine t-shirt in their choice two color combinations. Funds raised by the bundle will support both the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child's Play charity, the latter of which donates game systems and cartridges to children in hospitals and other medical facilities. Purchasers choose exactly how their contribution's proceeds are divided. The bundle will only be offered for the next two weeks.