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Friday, Mar 01, 2013 9:00pm
Apple shows off new iPad ad during Oscars ceremony [DUPE]
Continuing its series of "keyword" ads for the iPad, Apple took the occasion of the Oscars to debut a new TV spot for its tablet line. The commercial, called "Hollywood," uses the categories "lights," "camera" and "action" to again showcase various and Apple and third-party apps running on either a full-size iPad or iPad mini. Interestingly, the iPad mini is consistently show in the ad as being held in one hand -- a major selling point for the pint-sized tablet. Among the applications featured in the 30-second spot are iMovie, Movie Trailers and Maps.

The ad (seen below) begins by buzzing through a series of phrases until it settles on "lights," which is yelled out by an unseen crowd. The user is seen scrolling through iMovie projects (with the iOS "marquee" feature), a Pinterest collage of studio lights, a Disney California Adventure park app, and a brief clip from the movie Back to the Future. The next section, "camera," shows off a Polaroid iPad picture-taking app, scrolling through movie trailers, the Vintage 8MM app (recently used by Oscar-winner Malik Bendjelloul to help complete his Searching for Sugar Man documentary), and a clip from the movie Apollo 13.

The final section, "action," shows the MovieSlate app, which uses an iPad to recreate a traditional or digital clapboard for sound sync; a Maps "Flyover" view of the famous Hollywood sign; the Action FX app dropping boulders on actors, and a clip from one of the Indiana Jones movies. The ad ends with another montage of words, ending with "iPad." There is no narration or sound other than the music and crowd shouting.