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Monday, Feb 11, 2013 6:28am
Tim Cook opposed Samsung legal action, claims report
Tim Cook was opposed to suing Samsung in a lengthy patent battle over its products, according to a report. Cook is said to have been against the lawsuits in the first place due to Samsung's important role as a component supplier for the iPad and iPhone, with analysts estimating around $8 billion in parts were bought by Apple from Samsung.

Sources with knowledge of the matter spoke to Reuters for an article detailing the history of Apple and Samsung's business relationship. While Cook was keen to protect the supply of parts from Samsung, Steve Jobs opted to "go thermonuclear" to defend the company's intellectual property rights.

Though Apple won the legal battle, Samsung has still benefited from it's relationship with Apple, gaining an insight into the smartphone and tablet market. Despite being awarded $1.05 billion from Samsung as well as potentially banning the sale of certain Samsung products, the report suggests that the entire issue is heading into a litigious stalemate, with both companies seemingly sharing a number of common interests, one of which being the fight against BlackBerry, Microsoft, and other Android manufacturers.