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Monday, Feb 04, 2013 11:20am
Apple edges ahead of Nokia in mobile Internet usage
Apple has surpassed Nokia for the first time in terms of global mobile Internet usage, according to web analytics firm StatCounter. During the month of January, Apple achieved a 25.86 percent share; while that's a 2.81 percent slide year-over-year, Nokia plunged 15.52 percent in the same period to 22.15 percent, giving the win to Apple. Nokia has also been beaten by Samsung, which rose 7.85 percent to a 22.69 percent share.

Significantly, the Apple data only includes the iPhone and iPod touch, not the iPad. The same is true for StatCounter's platform figures, where iOS rose from 23.36 percent in December to 25.85 percent in January. Android remained firmly in control, however, increasing from 33.19 percent to 37.