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Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 1:12pm
Verizon, Redbox begin deploying Redbox Instant
Verizon and Redbox have started rolling out Redbox Instant, according to the service's Twitter feed. The service is only deploying "gradually," Redbox says, and the company is asking for people to sign up to a wait list if they can't already subscribe. An account costs $8 a month for unlimited streaming and four DVD rentals; access to Blu-rays raises the price to $9. For streaming, Redbox is promising support for both web browsers and mobile apps.

The company has already launched free iPhone/iPad and Android apps. The titles use a design similar to rival Netflix's apps, with access to a queue, recently played titles, and browsing options. One difference is the ability to download movies bought on the web, an alternative to streaming. In the Android app, people can buy and rent movies regardless of whether they have a subscription.