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Friday, Dec 07, 2012 3:04pm
Forum roundup: homebrew MacBook Pro Fusion Drive
Yesterday Mac Elite "Doc HM" proudly announced the completion and installation of a "homebrew" Fusion Drive for his MacBook Pro in the MacNN forums, click here to read more about this great success and find a link to read the full report on how this was done. One Dedicated MacNNer is looking for a way to modify the keyboard on the iPad mini to be more like the iPhone keyboard.

One Fresh-Faced Recruit has a rather unique IP configuration problem that they are trying to solve, and a solution has yet to be found. A discussion about iTunes 11 continues in a thread that started last month, but was resurrected after the latest update to the software. Grizzled Veteran "jeff k" started a debate about e-mail host services in the thread titled "tried IMAP again and went back to POP".