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Monday, Nov 12, 2012 11:53pm
Fender Guitars offers $200 USB guitar with iOS connection
Apple and guitar manufacturer Fender have collaborated to produce a version of the Squier Stratocaster aimed at beginning guitarists that features iOS compatibility, a USB port, and the traditional quarter-inch analog connector for $200 in time for the holiday season. The guitar includes a Type B mini-USB to 30-pin dock connector cable that is compatible with all but the most current iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. Thanks to its compatibility with programs such as GarageBand, the guitar makes an excellent first or practice instrument.

Including the USB port in the body of the guitar saves performers the hassle of carrying an analog to digital (A-D) converter along with the rest of their gear. A number of companies make inexpensive analog to USB converters that work with any guitar, but having the capability built-in makes practice or jamming into an iPad or iPhone equipped with recording software quicker and easier. Users will need to purchase a $19 Lightning-to-USB adapter if they want to use the guitar with the latest iOS devices that feature Lightning ports.

In addition to the quarter-inch output jack, the guitar comes equipped with a headphone jack for monitoring. Also included are cables for hooking the USB port directly to a Mac or PC. The Fender guitar is available exclusively through Apple retail stores.