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Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012 3:45pm
Google Search, Apple Cards apps for iOS get updates
Google has released a new version of its free Search app for iOS, v2.5. The software has been updated for the iPhone 5, but also introduces an overhauled Voice Search function. Voice recognition is said to be faster and generally improved, moreover streaming text as a person speaks. For some queries the app will give a vocal reply instead of just visual results.

Apple, meanwhile, has posted a minor update of Cards, its greeting- and postcard app. Version 2.0.1 lets users swap photos in cards with multiple images, and fixes a variety of bugs; several would potentially cause the app to crash, while a lone one would show previously-mailed cards as drafts. Cards is a free download for all devices with iOS 6, but actually mailing a card is an in-app purchase.