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Thursday, Oct 11, 2012 11:43am
iPod touch teardown shows 512MB of RAM, cheaper display
A teardown of the fifth-generation iPod touch reveals some key differences with the iPhone 5, with which it nominally shares a lot of similarities, according to repair outfit iFixit. The Touch has just 512MB of Hynix RAM, for instance, versus the 1GB of RAM in the iPhone. While both devices use a 4-inch Retina display, the Touch component is described as a "much simpler, cheaper design." The new Touch also uses a Home button with a rubber membrane, said to be inferior to the redesigned button in the iPhone 5.

Other observations are more general. The power button, microphone, LED flash, and volume buttons on the player are all connected through the same ribbon cable, which is said to peel easily off the rear. Other Apple products are said to use the same approach -- one "more cost-effective for the manufacturer, but unfortunately it has a negative impact on repairability," iFixit comments.

The fifth-generation Touch upgrades from a 930mAh battery to a 1030mAh one. While the part allows the player to handle up to 40 hours of music, part of that power is likely going to support the larger display and faster processors.