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Thursday, Oct 11, 2012 5:00am
New Apple ad for iPod line airs on US TV during playoffs
The ad for the new iPod lineup seen at the iPhone 5 unveiling last month has now been broadcast on television, and posted by Apple on its website and YouTube channel. The spot, which showcases the colorful lineup consisting of the refreshed iPod Touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle, uses computer graphics to have the devices bounce and dance through a portion of the song "Yeah Yeah" by Willy Moon. The ads emphasize the new colors rather than any new features, even though both the Touch and Nano received significant updates.

The ad, which aired during Thursday's MLB playoff game, also features the iPod shuffle, which apart from the new color scheme is unchanged from its previous iteration. The relaunch offered new colors, including a Product (Red) Special Edition for the first time.

The only other difference between the latest ones and the previous model is that the new ones require OS X 10.6.8 for syncing with a later version of iTunes than the previous model did, excluding any possibility of using them with non-Intel Macs. It is only available in a 2GB capacity, sufficient for a approximately 350-500 songs depending on bitrate and format.

The ad aired nationally only a day after Apple announced it is finally shipping the new Touch and Nano models to eager pre-ordering customers. The new iPod Touch is something of a mix of features found in all three of the current iPhone models, taking the iPhone 5's 4-inch Retina display, the iPhone 4 cameras and marrying them to the iPhone 4S' processor and ability to use Siri. It is the only iPod to run iOS.

It is far thinner than any of the phones, including the iPhone 5, and includes the ability to use iOS 6 and the new Earpods (included). It also uses the new Lightning connector, which may require an optional $30 adapter to use with peripherals that need the previous 30-pin dock connector.

The new Nano surprisingly abandons the watch-like, shuffle-sized styling that built an ancillary third-party cottage industry of watchbands, returning to a vertical styling with a 2.5-inch 16:9 display that can show SD videos and comes in one capacity (16GB). It also uses the Lightning connector and comes with Apple's new Earpods, though it does not offer a camera (but can display photos synced from other devices). It includes the lower-power Bluetooth 4.0 and is the only iPod to include built-in FM radio.

Also unmentioned in the ad is the price of the various models. The iPod shuffle sells for $49, the iPod nano is $149, and the iPod Touch is available in 32GB and 64GB capacities at $299 and $399 respectively (Apple continues to offer the previous-generation Touch in 16GB and 32GB for $199 and $249 respectively). The Shuffle comes with standard (previous model) Apple earphones while the Nano and Touch both come with the new Earpods. Not seen in the ad but also available is the iPod Classic, a $249, 160GB model aimed at users who need an exceptionally large collection of music with them. The Classic is the only iPod model that uses a hard drive, and comes with only the standard earbuds.