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Wednesday, Oct 03, 2012 2:18pm
Sources: Steve Jobs instigated move away from Google Maps
Former CEO Steve Jobs was responsible for Apple's push away from Google content in iOS Maps, according to "Apple insiders" quoted by Bloomberg. By the time of his death Jobs is said to have come to hate Google, which he accused of copying iPhone features while at the same time withholding turn-by-turn directions, a key feature of the Android version of Google Maps. Sometime before then he put iOS chief Scott Forstall in charge of the project, creating a secret workgroup on the third floor of Building 2 at Apple's Cupertino headquarters.

Two former Apple executives claim that Jobs even considered removing Google as the default search option in Safari. The people add, though, that Jobs decided against it in the belief that customers would be upset. In the US, people can also choose to use Bing or Yahoo for iOS web searches.

Back in January 2010, Bloomberg reported that Apple was in talks with Microsoft about making Bing the default for search. Bing has just a fraction of the marketshare of Google, despite being backed by Microsoft.