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Wednesday, Oct 03, 2012 11:19am
Google to reveal Street View for iOS web app tomorrow
On Thursday, Google will announce the addition of Street View to the iOS web app for Google Maps, says the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg. The claim is included as a part of Mossberg's comparison of Apple's Maps app versus the one Google builds into Android. Regarding the Google Maps web app, Mossberg says that he tested the new technology using sample links sent by Google, and that they "worked well," allowing him to pan around environments with his finger.

Google likely has two parallel motivations for bringing Street View to the web app. It may, for one, be trying to capitalize on disappointment with iOS 6 Maps, which dropped Google content. Apple's switch left the app with some inaccuracies, graphics glitches, and missing features, including any equivalent to Street View. At the same time, while Google is believed to be working on a new native Maps app, it appears to have been caught off guard by Apple, and may need to improve the web app to keep iOS users happy while development finishes.