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Monday, Oct 01, 2012 5:43am
Glitch shows iCloud storage set at 25GB until year 2050
A glitch in iCloud shows ex-MobileMe accounts as having a renewal date set for the year 2050. Twitter user MGLeet noticed the accounts, previously set at 25GB due to MobileMe users receiving a 20GB iCloud boost as an incentive to change systems, currently show a future renewal date of the end of September 2050, instead of the expected downgrade to 5GB for free accounts.

Details for paid accounts still show on the Apple website, which suggests this to be a glitch and not compensation for the current issues with Maps, speculated elsewhere. At $40 per year, if the 20GB storage upgrade is kept active until 2050, this would cost Apple around $1,500 per user in potentially missed subscription charges.

If it is indeed an error, affected accounts should be downgraded to the free 5GB tier in the near future. [via TUAW]