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Friday, Sep 14, 2012 2:11pm
Lightning adapter price sparks Apple online store confusion
Product listings in some of Apple's online stores for its new Lightning 30-pin Adapter have apparently caused some confusion among customers, as some Apple stores mistakenly listed the adapter as being included free of charge with the purchase of an iPhone 5. The iPhone in Canada Blog first noticed the free adapter listing, which has since been changed. Customers buying the iPhone 5 and hoping to have it interface with their 30-pin devices will, in fact, have to purchase the Lightning Adapter in addition to the iPhone 5.

Apple's Canadian online store initially had a listing for the Lightning Adapter that informed customers that "your iPhone includes a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter..." and listing the separate Lightning Adapter as an "Additional" item "to have a second adapter for your home or office." The supposedly included Lightning Adapter, however, was not listed by Apple as being part of "What's in the box" that customers receive with an iPhone 5.

The free Lightning Adapter has since been revealed to have been an error. The Next Web spoke with an Apple representative to clear up the matter, discovering that Apple will not be offering a free adapter as part of the iPhone 5 package. The language on the Lightning Adapter listing has been changed, and it now only touts the adapter as an "intelligent and ultra-compact adapter to connect your 30-pin accessories." Apple is reportedly investigating the error.

The Lightning Adapter and Lightning-to-USB cable are now sold out in Apple's online store and are listed as shipping in two to three weeks. The Lightning-to-30-pin and Lightning-to-30-pin cable adapters are still slated to ship in October.