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Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012 6:52am
All-new YouTube app released ahead of iOS 6 launch
YouTube has released an all-new standalone app (Free, iTunes) ahead of the expected launch of iOS 6 over the coming week. The new app has been specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, with a version for the iPad said to be on the way. At the time of writing, user reviews are largely very positive, with praise for the revamped interface and additional features -- though the new version also comes with advertisements, which were absent in the Apple-approved version.

YouTube touts the availability of tens of thousands more videos, as well as new navigational abilities built on intuitive swipe gestures. New search tools give suggestions while a user types in the search box, while users can now also flip through related videos, comments and additional video information while also watching a clip.

The new YouTube app for iOS also includes more ways of sharing content with options for sharing to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, email, text message or to a clipboard. The app is already available pending Apple’s latest version of iOS 6. As with the deletion of the Google Maps, iOS 6 will see the YouTube app that has been on the iPhone since its inception dropped, as Apple shifts away from dependence on Google’s services now that they are in direct competition.