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Wednesday, Jun 27, 2012 8:53am
Spotify aims to boost appeal with Artist apps
Spotify is aiming to boost its user appeal by introducing Artist apps. The among the first apps to roll out include Quincy Jones, TiŽsto, and Rancid with an app for Disturbed launching soon. The apps are part of a new series of Artist apps created specially for Spotify designed to help music fans create a 'deeper connection' with their favorite artists.

Each app has been given its own flavor and include different features. The Quincy Jones app 'Stories behind the music' includes exclusive music from Jones along with tailored playlists and special artwork designed to highlight his career in music. Jones also talks about his personal heroes and mentors and a range of other insights into his music.

The TiŽsto app 'Club Life' centers on the DJ and producer's tastes in music. He serves up a specially curated playlists created from the best dance music across Spotify's portfolio. TiŽsto will include his single of the week, album of the month, festival of the month and a chart listing the best dance songs new to the scene.

The Rancid app features curated music by the band members including classic punk through to the way it has shaped the modern form. Each week the band and its network of friends will post a playlist of their favorite tracks as well as a bio of the pickers. Tim Armstrong also takes users on a trip into his personal record room to look at all the music that has inspired him over the years.

To find the new apps, Spotify users just need to navigate to the left hand navigation bar of the Spotify desktop client and use the App Finder to add the apps their collection of favorites.