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Thursday, Jun 14, 2012 7:33pm
Amazon updates Kindle app, expands kid and comic titles
Amazon has updated its Kindle e-book reading app for iOS and Android to expand its support of children's books, comic and graphic novels. The new update also brings some iPad- and iPhone-specific improvements to the iOS version (3.1), while the Android version (3.6.0) adds several bug fixes. The web-based Kindle Cloud Reader has also been modified to add the new titles, and now includes a two-page view for landscape displays.

The company has added over 1,000 children's and comic titles to the range, including the Brown Bear and Curious George range of titles. On supported titles, Kindle Text Pop-Up allows books to magnify text for larger screens. Graphics capability has been improved throughout, both for children's books and the graphic comics, with fixed layouts or panel-by-panel options as needed. New comics for the Kindle include titles featuring DC heroes Batman and Superman.

Both Android tablet and iPad users gain landscape-specific enhancements, with the Android version picking up the two-page display capability, and both iPad and Android users now seeing smaller margins and a cleaned-up interface that allows for more focus on the actual book. The iOS universal version also now adds a search function for users' content and fixes a bug that prevented word lookup on Google and Wikipedia. The Android version fixes some other bugs, including one that forced users to re-register when returning to the app in some circumstances.

All versions of the app are free. A Kindle account with Amazon is required.