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Monday, Feb 20, 2012 4:20pm
Apple at work on redesign of iTunes Store, report claims
Apple is at work on a major redesign of the iTunes Store, 9to5Mac claims to have learned. Plans are recently said to have been revealed to a number of record labels and other entertainment companies. The exact details are being kept private, but a redesign for the Mac/Windows version of iTunes is allegedly a "top priority" for Apple. The goal is to make it more interactive, and more efficient in terms of locating new content. Music, movies, TV shows, and the App Store are the focus areas.

Apple is also reportedly sticking to its philosophy of requiring a dedicated app to access the iTunes Store, unlike the Android Market, where people can buy and even install content for mobile devices without having to leave their desktop web browser.

The iTunes Store has remained relatively unchanged design-wise since 2009. A recurring complaint has been the difficulty of finding interesting content that isn't just released or a bestseller, although this has mainly been directed at the App Store subsection. The redesign is said to be running parallel to development of OS X Mountain Lion, which could mean a launch in the summer. Whether or not a new version of iTunes will be needed is unknown, as is the plan for the iOS iTunes Store clients.