WWDC 2014 : June 02, 2014

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference at the Moscone Center
12:21 - Standby
1:03 - people are asked to silence devices
1:04 - video starts showing usage of ipads, apps, etc.
1:06 - Tim Cook now onstage "Good morning..morning"
1:07 - 25 anniversary of the conference...
1:07 - Tim Cook is on stage greeting developers. "This is a milestone year, the 25th year of this conference."
1:08 - WWDC is now huge conference...1000 engineers onsite....120 labs...people from
1:09 - Over 9 million developers are now registered, 47% increase over last year.
1:09 - ...
1:09 - new release....
1:09 - Cook promises "mother of all releases" for developers.
1:10 - ..
1:10 - Starting with OS X..... over 40 million copies of Mavericks already installed.
1:11 - ..
1:11 - Over 50% of install base is now working on latest operating system. Fastest adoption of any PC operating system.
1:11 - Windows 8 "shipped a year before Mavericks, and it's at 14 percent.... need I say more," Cook says.
1:12 - ..
1:12 - Craig Federighi steps on stage to talk more about OS X.
1:13 - ...
1:14 - Federighi jokes about next release getting name "OS X Weed."
1:14 - ..
1:14 - Build will actually be named "OS X Yosemite."
1:14 - New interface, enhanced apps, new "continuity."
1:15 - ....
1:16 - ...
1:16 - Translucent materials "gives you a sense of place" in the sidebars and the menus.
1:17 - ...
1:17 - Windows adapt to show backgrounds, highlight layers. Dock is also translucent.
1:17 - Developers focused on consistent and clear typeface throughout.
1:17 - ...
1:17 - Introduced "dark mode" to avoid distracting bright menus.
1:18 - ...
1:18 - ....
1:19 - Notification center adopts dark, translucent material, precise type, new "Today" view with at-a-glance look at weather, calendar, etc.
1:19 - Widgets can now be downloaded to add other content to notifications sidebar.
1:19 - New search bar
1:20 - Search now presents bar in center of screen, autofills entries from web and computer.
1:20 - Calendar, Maps apps have new look.
1:20 - .
1:21 - Messages adopts translucent sidebar.
1:21 - Notifications Center "Today" view provides interactive reminders, stock updates, other editable widgets.
1:22 - Drag-and-drop widget arrangement.
1:23 - Enhanced reminders for calendar events.
1:23 - Autofill shows necessary app, last-opened documents.
1:23 - ..
1:23 - Spotlight also does unit conversions.
1:24 - .
1:24 - Maps results, Yelp information, movie showtimes, iTunes content within Spotlight search.
1:25 - ..
1:25 - ..
1:26 - iCloud provides cloud storage for any files, synchronized across all Macs.
1:26 - Content is also accessible from iOS devices, Windows computers.
1:26 - Mail brings Yosemite-style UI, streamlined operation.
1:27 - App uses "Mail Drop" to avoid any problems with oversized attachments, up to 5GB in size.
1:27 - .
1:28 - new mark up feature for photos and pdfs
1:28 - Signatures can be input via trackpad and quickly added to messages.
1:28 - Next up.... Safari.
1:29 - UI now concentrated in single bar, favorites now pop up in search bar. Spotlight suggestions are now included in browser search.
1:29 - new safari menu bar
1:29 - RSS subscriptions can be added via new menu, show up alongside favorite links.
1:29 - Tab view gives "birds-eye" glance at tabs, stacked by site.
1:30 - new safari standards
1:30 - .
1:30 - "Up to 2 hours longer battery life" on a MacBook Air streaming 1080p Netflix.
1:31 - Safari performance, power efficiency continue to improve.
1:31 - safari performance
1:32 - Brian Croll takes over the presentation to dive into Safari features.
1:32 - Spotlight search provides Wikipedia snapshots for common search terms, such as famous people.
1:33 - Tabs have been improved with smooth scrolling.
1:33 - ..
1:35 - mail markup
1:35 - Improved Markup can be used to focus on one spot in photo, add arrows with captions or cartoon bubbles. Automatically cleans up hand-drawn elements.
1:38 - OS X users can quickly pick up work where they left off when they switch to iPad. Icons automatically prompt the handoff.
1:38 - continuity-ability to bring up work on mac from ipad/iphone or visa versa using proximity awareness
1:38 - Automatic hotspot synchronization between Macs and iOS devices.
1:39 - Standard SMS messages will be relayed to other devices via iMessage.
1:39 - Phone calls can also be routed through Mac; caller ID shows up in OS X.
1:40 - Features work as long as iPhone and Mac are on same Wi-Fi network.
1:40 - caller id/accept calls on your Mac
1:40 - Numbers can be dialed in OS X, called from Mac and routed through iPhone cellular connection.
1:40 - Handoff
1:42 - Handoff (Safari)
1:43 - Call to Dr. Dre
1:44 - Federighi calls Dr. Dre to demonstrate voice calls via Mac.
1:45 - OS X Yosemite available to developers today, everyone else will have to wait until the fall. Free upgrade for all.
1:45 - Yosemite due this fall for Free
1:45 - New public OS X beta program coming this summer.
1:45 - Public beta available this summer
1:46 - Tim Cook takes the stage to talk about iOS. Device sales now surpass 800 million. More than 100 million iPod touch, 200 million iPads, 500 million iPhones.
1:46 - 130 million iOS device buyers in past 12 months are entirely new to Apple.
1:47 - device sales records
1:47 - "Many of these customers were switchers from Android... bought an Android phone (by mistake) and then sought a better experience (and a better life) and decided to check out iPhone and iOS."
1:47 - Record number of Chinese smartphone users switching from Android to iOS.
1:48 - Customer satisfaction rating at 97%. "These are customer sat. ratings that no-one gets."
1:48 - .
1:48 - 89% of iOS install base is running latest operating system.
1:48 - .
1:49 - In contrast, 9% of Android users running latest software (KitKat). More than a third of customers running a version of Android from four years ago ... "that's like ancient history."
1:50 - Cook blasts Android security, platform "dominates malware."
1:50 - Today announcing iOS 8.
1:50 - ..
1:50 - "iOS 8 is a GIANT release."
1:50 - .
1:51 - Craig returns to the stage.
1:52 - iPhone enhancements: refined notification center, new "interactive notifications" to reply without leaving current app.
1:52 - ..
1:53 - Double-tap access to communicate with recent contacts. New tab view coming to Safari for iOS, along with Yosemite-style search sidebar.
1:53 - Simpler flagging and message deleting in Mail. Swipe incomplete reply down to access rest of mail content.
1:53 - .
1:54 - .
1:55 - People contacts
1:57 - Search function improved with same contextual responses that are being brought to OS X Yosemite.
1:58 - Spotlight in iOS 8
1:59 - QuickType tech promises to improve keyboard usability, automatic suggestions to complete entries.
1:59 - QuickType
1:59 - System is personalized, learns how you communicate to different contacts.
2:00 - All learning is local to device, protecting privacy.
2:00 - .
2:01 - Messages is most frequently used iOS app. Add and remove contacts from thread, "do not disturb" thread, group messaging with customizable thread names.
2:01 - .
2:01 - "Tap to Talk" virtual button that can be held down while dictating message, swipe to send when done.
2:02 - .
2:03 - ..
2:03 - "Do not disturb" eliminates excessive notifications from a thread. System also collects and presents all photos from the tread in one place.
2:05 - Audio messages can be replied to by raising the iPhone to the user's ear.
2:07 - More on enterprise ... 98% of Fortune 500 uses iOS.
2:07 - "And we're gonna get the last 2 [percent]," Craig boasts.
2:09 - Enterprise users get new messaging options, expanded support.
2:10 - Presentation moves on to talk about health features.
2:11 - Enterprise
2:11 - New HealthKit service serves as a central portal for all health-related metrics, with support for third-party applications. Users can monitor data all in one place.
2:11 - HealthKit
2:12 - Nike, Mayo Clinic working to integrate with HealthKit. Service can automatically notify doctors if blood pressure or other measurements are outside of target range.
2:12 - .
2:12 - Next up ... Family Sharing.
2:13 - "When I was a kid, the refrigerator was the center of family sharing."
2:14 - Families can share calendars, geolocation data and media, or find devices. Family members can now access all iTunes content that has been purchased by other family members, for up to 6 individuals who all share the same credit card.
2:14 - New prompt can be used to ask parental permission before making a purchase.
2:14 - Family Share
2:15 - iCloud has been improved with better search, smart suggestions based on time or location.
2:16 - Smart controls for auto-straightening and color correction.
2:16 - Photo Enhancements
2:17 - Photo Editing
2:18 - Image analysis helps quickly brighten or darken photos while preserving tones.
2:19 - Company is working on a new OS X photo utility from the ground up.
2:20 - Pinch out from moments, to collections, to years.
2:20 - Simplified adjustments to quickly edit photos.
2:20 - Preview of new Photos app coming to Mac early next year
2:21 - Updated Photos app coming to Yosemite "in the future."
2:21 - iCloud storage saves at full resolution.
2:21 - iCloud
2:21 - Cheaper plans: 20GB for $0.99 per month, 200GB for $3.99 per month.
2:22 - Many other features
2:22 - Siri has been improved with Shazam song recognition, iTunes purchases, 22 new dictation languages.
2:22 - In China
2:23 - Vector-based maps in China, with turn-by-turn directions. Lunar calendar support, improved predictive input and improved weather.
2:23 - Tim Cook takes back to the stage to talk about the developer side of iOS 8.
2:23 - iOS 8 for Developers
2:23 - Company has focused on expanding capabilities for third-party developers.
2:24 - App Store now has 1.2 million apps available. "This is a phenomenal number."
2:24 - 300 million visitors every week.
2:24 - Downloads have surpassed 75 billion apps.
2:25 - App Store to get new Explore tab for discovery, top-trending searches list, scrolling results, related searches, new "Editor's Choice" logo.
2:25 - Developers can sell app bundles that include multiple titles.
2:26 - New beta-test service, TestFlight, allows devs to invite users to beta test apps.
2:26 - Everything will be available in the fall.
2:27 - .
2:27 - The iOS 8 SDK is "the biggest release since the launch of the App Store."
2:28 - Over 4,000 new developer APIs.
2:28 - Extensibility allows apps to extend services and capabilities to other apps.
2:29 - Extensions live inside app's own sandbox, but other apps can reach out via iOS' integrated mechanism to maintain security.
2:29 - .
2:29 - Support for photo filters, document providers, widgets, other features.
2:30 - Craig demonstrates photo editing with photo filters available via an extensions button, enabling Waterlogue to present its own UI within Photos.
2:32 - Auction widget allows eBay bid updates within Notification Center.
2:32 - Bing translation available for in-line translation.
2:33 - Pinterest integration enables quick pinning from within browser.
2:33 - Finally allowing system-wide third-party keyboards.
2:34 - Keyboards restricted within sandbox, can ask for access to network for additional capabilities.
2:34 - Extensions (including keyboards)
2:34 - Touch ID API being offered for use by third-party apps.
2:35 - Fingerprint information is never exposed to third-party apps.
2:35 - Third party access to TouchID
2:35 - .
2:35 - Camera APIs are being offered to developers.
2:36 - New HomeKit system serves as management hub for home automation gear.
2:36 - HomeKit
2:36 - Common network protocol with secure pairing to control individual devices, group devices into scenes. Also integrates with Siri.
2:37 - Next up ... CloudKit.
2:38 - Service takes over cloud kit, provides iCloud authentication and other services. "Free ... with limits." Scales based on number of users.
2:38 - CloudKit is free for developers
2:39 - "Metal" for iOS minimizes OpenGL overhead to fully utilize A7 chip. Up to 10X faster call rates.
2:39 - Metal layer for graphics
2:39 - Apple has been working with leading developers of gaming engines.
2:40 - "Plants vs. Zombies" puts 1.3M triangles on the screen at the same time, depth of field effects that have never been able to be on mobile.
2:41 - Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney takes the stage to demonstrate Metal capabilities.
2:41 - Demo shows zen garden 3D environment run in realtime.
2:44 - SpriteKit (introduced last year) "has been a big hit," enhanced with support for light sources, field forces, per-pixel physics, inverse kinematics.
2:45 - For the first time on iOS... SceneKit... a 3D scene renderer designed for casual games with physics support and scripted actions.
2:45 - ..
2:45 - Next up ... Xcode. Last version was downloaded 14 million times.
2:46 - New programming language -- Swift. Like Objective-C "without the baggage of C"
2:47 - Swift - new programming language
2:47 - .
2:47 - Faster than Objective-C, with full suite of modern capabilities.
2:47 - .
2:48 - Completely native to Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, works alongside C and Objective-C in the same application.
2:48 - .
2:49 - Chris Lattner comes on stage to demonstrate Swift coding in "playground" environment, with code demonstrated on sidebar.
2:54 - Swift will be supported in App Store from day-one of iOS 8 launch.
2:55 - iOS 8 beta available today.
2:57 - Tim Cook concludes by asking Apple employees in the WWDC crowd to stand up for applause.
2:58 - .
2:58 - "I hope everyone has a huge conference. Enjoy the week."

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