WWDC 2010 : June 07, 2010

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2010
12:46 - People are well into the conference hall now; jazz music is playing.
12:47 - Apple store is still up, though we don't expect that to last too long.
1:00 - Pardon any slow updates: our servers are being hit with very high loads of traffic.
1:00 - Please turn off your cellphones and pagers (but not iPads).
1:01 - Jobs is onstage to applause.
1:02 - "It's great to be here. Thanks very much for the welcome."
1:03 - WWDC sold out in 8 days, over 5,200 visitors. Apologize to everyone who wanted to get in -- this is the biggest place we can get!
1:04 - Start with updates on the iPad. It's really changing the way we're experiencing the web, things like photos, video, maps.
1:05 - An example of the iPad's effect: "I was sitting in a cafe with my iPad, and it got a girl interested in me. That's what I call a magical device!"
1:05 - Over 2 million sold in 10 countries. Now up: a promo video showing press coverage of the iPad launches around the world.
1:06 - Video over; iPad will be in 19 countries by the end of July.
1:06 - Over 8,500 iPad-specific apps already in the App Store.
1:07 - Over 35 million iPad apps downloaded. An average of 17 apps per iPad.
1:10 - New app examples: Pulse (news reader), WebMD, Iron Man, Avatar, Field Runners... publications: Financial Times, Wired.
1:11 - 5 million books downloaded so far, about 2.5 per iPad. 5 of 6 biggest publishers tell us that share of e-books is now 22 percent.
1:12 - New features: make notes that show up in the table of contents. Read PDFs, which have their own bookshelves.
1:12 - iBook updates will be out late in June.
1:13 - Now, the App Store: something near and dear to all of us.
1:13 - I want ot make something really clear. We support two platforms at Apple. The first one is HTML5. A fully open, uncontrolled platform that is forged and defined by widely respected standards bodies. We fully support HTML5, a lot of the technology has come from Apple, and Apple's browsers are in the lead when it comes to implementing HTML5.
1:15 - The second is the App Store. A curated platform. It's the most vibrant app platform. You've read a lot about our process of approving apps. We get about 50K apps submitted every week, both new apps and updates. They come up in 30 different languages.
1:16 - 95% approved in 7 days. What about the 5% that aren't? 1. Doesn't function as advertised, 2. Uses private APIs; when we change the OS, the app will break, and we'll have a very unhappy customer. 3. The app crashes.
1:17 - "I think if you were in our shoes you would be rejecting apps for the same reasons. These are just the facts. Sometimes when you read these articles you'd think something different was going on."
1:18 - Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says: Netflix app for iPhone coming this summer for free. Full experience right on the iPhone. Pick up from where you left off, get personalized recommendations.
1:19 - You get basically everything you could do on the Netflix site. Adaptive bitrate to switch between network types [3G to Wi-Fi].
1:20 - Zynga up: FarmVille for the iPhone!
1:21 - More people play Zunga games than watched the 24 season and Lost series finales.
1:23 - Farmville iPhone users get an exclusive snow leopard. Push notifications update you on withering crops.
1:24 - FarmVille will be available on the iPhone at the end of June, the first anniversary of the game itself.
1:25 - Next up: Activision and Guitar Hero. 3D rock stars you can customize. Classic rock like Queen and Rolling Stones as well as newer bands like Rise Against.
1:27 - Uses multi-touch to strum the guitar. On sale today for $3.
1:27 - Crossed 5 billion downloads on the App Store last week.
1:28 - Jobs' favorite stat of the whole show coming up. As you know, 70% of revenue goes to the developers. Just a few days ago, we crossed $1 billion dollars.
1:28 - That's what makes the App Store the most vibrant app community on the planet.
1:28 - And now, the iPhone.
1:29 - Lots of stats floating around: market research, market share studies. Some are OK, some are questionable. I'd like to give you two pieces of data to help you make your own judgments.
1:30 - The first is the report that just came out from Nielsen. What's the market share in the US? RIM is #1 with 35%, but iPhone is #2 with 28%. Windows Mobile is #3 with 19%, Android is at 9%. Nielsen says iPhone is over 3X the share of Android.
1:32 - Mobile brower usage in the US: 58.2% of mobile browser usage belongs to the iPhone. That's almost 2.5X that of Android.
1:32 - iPhone 4: the biggest leap since the original iPhone.
1:33 - One of the mot precise and beautiful designs we've ever made. Now, some of you have already seen this...
1:33 - 25% thinner than the 3GS; thinnest smartphone on the planet.
1:35 - Front camera, noise cancellation mic near the top. The stainless steel rim is an inherent part of the phone. Those 'gaps' in the side are part of a new antenna system.
1:36 - Integrated antennas; stainless steel for strength. Back both provides better reception and scratch resistance.
1:36 - (note: it's glass on the back, as rumored)
1:37 - A retina display. What's that? In every display, there are pixels -- here's four. We start off by dramatically increasing the pixel density in the same amount of space.
1:38 - Really, really sharp text. 960x640 display: 326 pixels per inch. There has never been a display like this on a phone. There's a magic number around 300DPI where, about a foot away, you can no longer see pixels; limit of the human retina.
1:39 - Everything looks like continuous curves to the eye.
1:39 - Once you use a retina display, you can't go back. With international characters, kanji in this case, it's much better.
1:42 - Showing photos and a live demo of the retina display. Extremely sharp on iPhone 4 versus Apple. Wi-Fi problems! Network congestion is high.
1:43 - Couldn't show a particular feature even with backups.
1:43 - Showing photos instead: noticeable difference.
1:44 - Not even trying websites. Scott (Forstall), you got any suggestions? Someone shouts: "Verizon!"
1:46 - 800:1 contrast ratio, 4X that of the iPhone 3GS. IPS technology: provides much more accurate color and much higher resolution. You can't make an OLED display with this resolution; we thinnk it's quite superior.
1:48 - Existing apps look even better. 78% of the pixels of an iPad right in the palm of your hand. iPhone 4.0 means apps automatically run on the Retina Display: but they look even better, because they render text and controls in the higher resolution. Apps look even better without doing any work.
1:49 - iPhone 4 is powered by the A4. Designed by our own team, and it's wonderful on the iPhone. Let's take the back off: the iPhone is packed to the gills. We went to a micro SIM because it's smaller; we need the space. The biggest component in the phone is the battery. We could make it a little bigger.
1:49 - Bigger battery and the A4 means we've improved battery: 7 hours of 3G talk, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 300 hours of standby.
1:50 - Up to 32GB of storage, quad-band HSUPA (7.2 down, 5.8 up), dual-mic noise suppression, 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS + accelerometer + compass.
1:52 - Three-axis gyroscope. Tied the gyroscope, accelerometer, and GPS together for six-axis motion sensing. It's perfect for gaming, and one of the reasons it's perfect is because it's built into every iPhone 4, so you know it's there.
1:53 - Showing a Jenga-style game that depends on rotating the phone to manipulate it.
1:53 - "This doesn't use the network, so it should be OK. I practiced this a little bit."
1:55 - A whole new camera system built into iPhone 4. Everyone likes to talk about things that are tangible with photography. But we tend to ask: how do we make better pictures?
1:55 - Megapixels are nice, but what phone cameras are really about is capturing photons and low light photography. So we've gone from a 3 to a 5 megapixel sensor with backside illumination.
1:57 - 1.75 micron pixels (same size); 5X digital zoom, tap to focus and now LED flash. Some samples: photos hard to take with a regular camera, let alone a phone.
1:58 - Captures 720p at 30FPS. Video editing right on your phone. Send it to e-mail, MMS, YouTube.
1:58 - SURPRISE: iMovie for iPhone. Edit video directly on the phone.
2:00 - Record HD video and edit with beautiful transitions and titles, all on the device you carry with you every day.
2:01 - Shows projects first; if you tap you're in an editing environmment. You can pinch to change the scale of the video timeline, and select to trim. You can add photos, too, and they'll automatically get the Ken Burns Effect (i.e. pans).
2:02 - You can add themes and titles; you can bring in music from iTunes. Geolocation info can be imported in. Nothing out today that's remotely comparable to this in terms of mobile video editing.
2:04 - Demo of a finished HD video that was recorded, edited and rendered on the iPhone. Can export to 360p, 520p and 720p.
2:04 - iMovie isn't free: it will cost $5 on the App Store.
2:05 - Figured out why the network demos weren't working. 570 Wi-Fi base stations operating in this room. Do you want to turn off everything and see the demos, or keep them on and see nothing?
2:06 - Bloggers have a right to blog, but if you want to see demos, we're not going to be able to do it!
2:07 - #6 in feature list: iPhone 4.0 is now iOS 4.
2:09 - Recap: our most ambitious release to date, with over 1,5000 developer APIs, over 100 new user features, the biggest being multitasking. Some people were saying "you weren't first with multitasking." The same was true with cut, copy, paste. But we took some time to figure out how to do it right.
2:10 - Quotes dev: software running in the background just sort of exhausts the battery quickly.
2:10 - Doing a demo of multitasking with the Internet connection. The page loads! "Thank you."
2:11 - Example of pausing Pandora radio while in Mail. Mail app features with a unified inbox and threading.
2:12 - Showing folders and organizing app icons. New display is very handy for seeing what's in a folder.
2:14 - Retina Display integration, new camera and photo apps among existing features.
2:15 - Adding a third option for search: Bing! Google is still the default, but you now have another choice, if you like. Bing on the iPhone is an HTML5 page.
2:16 - Devs will get a gold master release of iOS 4 today.
2:16 - Apple will sell the 100 millionth iOS device this month. That's iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.
2:19 - iBooks: it gets the same notes and PDF reading as on the iPad. Tap a PDF in Mail and it opens in iBooks. Of course, there's the iBookstore right on your iPhone. You can redownload books on other devices at no extra charge charge. Sync your place, notes and bookmarks across all devices.
2:20 - Showing demos of highlighting, making notes, and opening PDFs.
2:22 - Final item: iAds. One simple reason: to help our developers earn money so they can continue to create free and low-cost apps.
2:22 - Trying to combine the emotion of video with the interactivity of the web.
2:24 - You can put iAds in your app in an afternoon. Everything is done automatically because it's built into the operating system. Apple sells and hosts the ads; you get 60% of the revenue. You get paid the same way you get paid for your apps: very quickly.
2:25 - Apple hosts and sells ads, so you only have to tell us where you want them and make the money. We've only been selling ads for eight weeks, and I'd like to show you some of the brands that will be advertising.
2:26 - Clients: Citi, Unilever, AT&T, Chanel, GE, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Geico, Campbell's, Sears, JC Penny, Target, Best Buy, Direct TV, TBS and Disney.
2:26 - Showing a Nissan ad for the Leaf. They were a little hesitant to have [Jobs] show you, but he wanted to show you, so he convinced them.
2:28 - Banner ad pops up into a full ad that lets you see the car and click on parts of the ad. Can close it to go right back.
2:29 - Showing signing up for news about the Leaf; Jobs uses his e-mail address. Also get to look at the engine. Nissan will be giving away a Leaf through the ad.
2:30 - iAd goes live on July 1 for all iOS hardware.
2:30 - We've never done this before, we don't know what we're doing. But over $60 million has been committed to the second half of this year from advertisers.
2:32 - Apple expects almost 25% of mobile ads to be iAds.
2:32 - One more thing!
2:33 - In 2007, it was my privilege to call Jony Ive. Now about to call him on the iPhone 4. FaceTime: video calling!
2:36 - Talking with Jony Ive now. Worried about Wi-Fi connections, but it's looking good and running smoothly. Jobs grew up with Star Trek communicators just dreaming about video calling, and it's real now.
2:36 - Works anywhere there's Wi-Fi [no 3G]. You can use the front or rear camera, so the other person can either see what you're streaming or see you.
2:37 - We need to work a little bit with the cellular providers, so it's Wi-FI only for now. No setup required.
2:39 - Showing a video of using the FaceTime feature now. Soldier and his wife, the ultrasound of a baby, and others. Likely the official TV ad.
2:40 - One of those moments that reminds us why we do what we do. iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 only. However, we're going to make FaceTime an open industry standard.
2:41 - Uses H.264 video, AAC audio, SIP calling.
2:43 - Pricing and availability: iPhone 4 comes in black and white. $199 in the US for 16GB, $299 for 32GB. AT&T is making a "incredibly generous" upgrade offer: if your contract expires anytime in 2010, you're immediately eligible for a new iPhone 4 at the same $199 and $299 prices if you top up your contract for 2 years.
2:43 - iPhone 3GS is now $99. On sale: June 24 in the US, France, German, UK and Japan. No Canada at that time.
2:44 - Canada and 17 other countries get it in July. 24 more in August, 44 more in September. 88 total.
2:45 - Real nice dock: $29. Apple is also taking a crack at a case itself; we call it the bunker. Comes in colors for $29.
2:46 - iOS 4 is a free upgrade for June 21 on all iPhones and iPods. [iPad in September]
2:47 - Pre-orders June 15; ran a quick demo video.
2:49 - Recapping all the features.
2:50 - Note: Cisco has allowed Apple to license out the iOS name to Apple (which it already owned).
2:51 - Showing how the iPhone 4 is constructed with Jony Ive. 40% increased call time.
2:52 - Bringing up the sign again showing what Apple is all about: the crossroads between the liberal arts and technology. It's the marriage of that and humanity.
2:53 - It's the hardware and software working together. It's not just a great new camera, it's the built-in editing software and iMovie. It's not just a front-facing camera, it's a front-facing camera and 18 months of work to create software you'll never even notice when you want to make a video call.
2:54 - Giving credits to the team. Mark Papermaster, can you please stand up? [Senior VP of Devices Engineering]
2:55 - Still thanking different teams.
2:56 - ** Keynote ends **

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