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Verizon NYC Event : January 11, 2011

10:52 - Doors are open at the event. Verizon's 4G-related team member and PR handler Jeff Nelson is at the event, but that doesn't necessarily mean the iPhone here will be LTE. We expect CDMA and EVDO (3G) only.
10:56 - Just a Verizon logo on the screen, and no signs of Apple staff (though they would undoubtedly need to stay hidden until it's official).
11:00 - Lowell McAdam is on stage. We're all expecting something big, he says.
11:01 - If the press writes something long enough and hard enough it comes true.
11:01 - Today is a great day for wireless customers across the US.
11:02 - Clear at CES that data, broadband, video are what are driving growth across the industry. People want to carry their digital content from their lives on any device at any time.
11:03 - Verizon's role is to bring great content to devices anywhere, and the network is key. Bringing two great innovators together.
11:04 - History of pushing the envelope on a very large scale. Major investments to accommodate massive traffic. 18 million homes with FiOS, up to 150Mbps for home broadband.
11:05 - 4G cuts latency in half. McAdam jokes: there's so much 4G hype that Verizon considered calling the LTE network 6G.
11:05 - Collaboration is key to Verizon innovation. Don't just procure products but form partnerships.
11:07 - Latest partner is the "tech giant:" Apple!
11:08 - Pleased to add Apple to the Verizon family. Strategic relationship developed over the past two years. A year testing, collaborating, to ensure it meets the criteria Verizon customers expect. iPhone 4 launches early next month.
11:09 - McAdam is more excited about the partnership than the device itself. Apple COO Tim Cook is on stage.
11:09 - McAdam on Cook: a "friend and a colleague."
11:11 - Cook: iPhone has changed expectations of what you can carry in your pocket. Pleased to give Verizon customers the choice they've been looking for. All the features the AT&T version has. Connects to the CDMA network (no mention of 4G).
11:12 - 5MP camera, Retina Display, FaceTime all there. The experience is "far beyond what anyone else is providing," Cook said.
11:13 - Cook has enormous respect for Verizon and the hard-earned loyalty it has won. Just the beginning of a great relationship. Dan Mead (Verizon Wireless CEO) up.
11:15 - World's first CDMA iPhone 4. Offered to both new and existing customers. Getting ready: employees trained this week, scaling back room systems to handle demand. Merchandising already set to go in Apple and Verizon stores.
11:17 - Building the capacity of the network to get ready for the launch. Monitored the network from the ground up. Spectrum and fiber to cell sites is what will keep them up to speed. Committed to continue building out capacity.
11:19 - Existing Verizon customers can pre-order the phone on February 3. One week later, it will launch to everyone on Verizon both online and at stores. $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB. 5 DEVICE HOTSPOT SUPPORT.
11:21 - Cook back on stage for a Q&A. How many CDMA iPhones can they make in the first quarter? Can't get into the forecast, but excited to bring the experience to Verizon's 93m customers.
11:21 - Will the CDMA phone be on a one-year upgrade cycle? Cook can't comment on product roadmaps.
11:23 - Why isn't this a 4G LTE phone, but only CDMA? Two key reasons. First gen of LTE chipsets forced some design compromises. Secondly, Verizon customers want the iPhone now. Can't tell you how many times he's been asked this over the incredible success run when the iPhone will work on Verizon's network.
11:24 - What changes made to the antenna? Did you do anything different? (it has different antenna bands on top).
11:25 - Had to be optimized to work on CDMA. Gone through robust testing and extremely confident there's no issues.
11:26 - What happens with taking a phone call when using data? Same experience you get now, Mead said. (i.e. EVDO data stops while CDMA is active).
11:26 - Mead won't talk about pricing (if any) for the hotspot feature.
11:27 - (Note: earlier, they said the Verizon deal is multi-year, but non-exclusive)
11:27 - Can't say when an LTE iPhone would come; Cook won't talk about unannounced products.
11:29 - iPhone 4 will be available in indirect sales channels (i.e. not just Apple and Verizon). Available with "key distribution partners." No dates, but there will be broader availability a few weeks after launch.
11:31 - Asked again about LTE; lots of Verizon customers are happy with CDMA and just want it on Verizon.
11:31 - Event is already done.

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