Sony E3 Keynote : June 15, 2010

3:01 - Sony starts right on time. Jokes about how it doesn't need ponchos (like Microsoft's Cirque du Soleil event) to promote its goods. Talking about continual upgrades to the PS3 over its time and how virtually any entertainment is an option.
3:03 - Kaz Hirai up: two tenets of PlayStation, innovation and content. References the huge 3D push Sony is making with both every PS3 and Sony's newer line of Bravia TVs.
3:05 - 20 titles will be native in 3D by March 2011. Showing a demo of Killzone 3 (which will need 3D glasses).
3:08 - If you're not in person, you won't see this in 3D. Showing a fairly persuasive demo with airborne soldiers.
3:09 - Nothing we haven't seen before; you can control the Helgast's rocket mount to fly.
3:11 - Second part of a two-part demo; now manning an airborne landing craft's Gatling gun.
3:12 - Killzone 3 will be available in February.
3:12 - Killzone 3 will also support PlayStation Move features at launch.
3:14 - Hirai: this is the only platform where you'll see native 3D gaming. Gran Turismo 5 is now in 3D, too. Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shaun White Skateboarding, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Tron, and NBA 2K11 will all also have the added depth.
3:15 - Some games will take advantage of both 3D and Move at the same time.
3:17 - Demo reel of 3D-capable games wrapping up.
3:19 - Noted that it's the 15th anniversary of the PlayStation and 10th for the PS2. PS2 was still the second most played console last year, Nielsen said.
3:21 - Focusing on PlayStation Move with Peter Dille.
3:22 - How Move works: it transmits some position data directly to the Cell processor, and the camera also tracks other info. Precision is very important.
3:24 - Developers talking about how Move is "head and shoulders" above the rest. Taking jabs at Microsoft and the importance of needing buttons for certain kinds of games.
3:25 - Dille: buttons let you get more out of the game. "We're not trying to stir the pot here," but Sony does think it has the better technology.
3:26 - The capacity of Blu-ray means Sony can easily put the regular and Move versions of a game on the same disc [this probably isn't necessary, but it may be helpful].
3:30 - Showing a Move game in action; a sorceror's apprentice can select spells with the wand and flick it forward to cast spells. How you toss affects the arc and trajectory of the shots.
3:31 - Different spells, like a fire wall, whirlwind or mending spell, need different actions. You can morph into a rat to get through different areas.
3:32 - Sorcery (the game on show) is coming in 2011.
3:33 - EA talking how PGA Tour 11 will be affected: the Move is, of course, perfectly suited to a golf club for swinging.
3:37 - Trying to hook a shot and then shoot out of a bunker; manages to get better with the second shot. This is something he hasn't been able to do in real life, EA's man says.
3:38 - He managed to get par. It's all enhanced by the Move since it's a 1:1 swing. The feature will be available as a downloadable update in the fall.
3:40 - Heroes on the Move: a union of game characters like Jak & Daxter and Sly that puts them in a single game using the Move. "Coming soon."
3:41 - Coca-cola deal: Coke drinks will advertise the Move.
3:43 - Sony's 'famous' Kevin Butler (of Sony's PS3 ads and an executive) shows up to make fun of Microsoft: a 100 French acrobats prancing around. Must have been a sale on blue ponchos, too.
3:43 - "I love gaming." Gaming is having a ridiculously huge TV in a one-room apartment, staying up until 3AM to earn a trophy that isn't real. But is.
3:44 - Girls who know the way to a man's heart is through a melee attack.
3:45 - It's why we made the Move: so that everyone can enjoy a taste of the PlayStation sugar. Don't hate on them. If you have an awesome girlfriend, and your friend has an awesome girlfriend, who wins? Everyone!
3:45 - We can all box with characters that have important features, like arms... and necks. [Clear jab at Nintendo's limbless Wii Sports characters]
3:46 - We all serve one master: gaming! And forever may he reign.
3:47 - Butler's now off stage. Move will ship in Europe September 15, North America Sept 19, Japan October 21.
3:49 - Standalone Move controller: $50. Navigation controller, $30. Move Sports Champions bundle will have the Eye, Move and game for $100. PS3 Sports Champions bundle will cost $400. Between 15-20 games on launch. More than 40 by the holidays.
3:49 - Many games like SOCOM will have new titles, while Other games will have updates to take advantage of the features.
3:51 - Demo reel of Move games, like The Fight and Sports Champions and SOCOM 4.
3:52 - Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, Tron: Evolution and Sorcery round the video out.
3:54 - Jack Tretton says Sony plans a huge new advertising campaign to push the PSP. "Sick of talking about those apps on the phone." Good kids playing bad games. [obvious dig at Apple]
3:55 - Ads running for Marcus, a kid hoping to rep the PSP.
3:57 - Invizimals uses a camera add-on for the PSP: augmented reality. God of War: Ghost of Sparta gets a trailer.
3:59 - 70 new PSP games coming by the fall. Highlight reel of current and upcoming games, like ModNation Racers, Ace Combat and Madden 11.
4:00 - Patapon 3, Fat Princess and Tetris are in the mix. EyePet is another augmented reality game. Kingdom Hearts getting a PSP port.
4:01 - Adventure and action games finish the clips.
4:03 - Talking PSN and Home: every major studio onboard for movies and TV. Home will have a recreation of the E3 booth.
4:04 - ModNation Racers has been successful: over 500,000 cars and other mods.
4:06 - Talking Little Big Planet 2. All the new additions already talked about like Sackbots (remote control creatures), competitive scoring, creating your own games.
4:09 - Ann example: a game that challenges you to hit the right button at the right time. Creators get a separate scoreboard just for their own mini games. You can choose where to spawn, how motion takes place.
4:10 - Showing what you can do with 24 hours to edit; enthusiasts challenged to make LBP2 games have made Rock'em Sock'em Robots and even a real-time strategy game.
4:12 - Stresses that Sony doesn't plan to charge for existing PSN service. PlayStation Plus improves on that: exclusive features and content. Exclusive betas, themes, Mini games, and certain automatic downloads. Will cost $50 for a year, $18 for three months. Early on, three months for free.
4:13 - PlayStation Plus will include Qore; much of the content will only last during the period of the subscription, however.
4:15 - Need to check when PlayStation Plus goes live; may not be in full until next year.
4:17 - Talking about the Medal of Honor remake and focusing on individual characters. Hits October 12.
4:20 - Playing a trailer to show the environments for multiplayer; gameplay a lot like Modern Warfare 2 with fire support and rewards. MOH's beta starts June 21. PS3's release of MOH will have an exclusive remaster of MOH: Frontline.
4:24 - Dead Space 2 up: showing Isaac battling a giant Necromorph in a quick-time event followed by some first-person action. PS3 exclusive features: a version of Dead Space: Extraction with Move support.
4:26 - Surprise news from Valve: Portal 2 is coming to the PS3. Gabe Newell: "I've been pretty outspoken" on my opinion on consoles. "Thanks for not repeatedly punching me in the face!"
4:29 - Importance of social connection: PS3's version will get Steam integration. Showing Portal 2 for the first time anywhere. Coming in 2011 for PS3 owners.
4:30 - A video of Final Fantasy 14; another online game in the series.
4:30 - Mafia II will get exclusive DLC.
4:31 - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will get an exclusive mission pack. Multiplayer beta will also be available only to PS3 gamers. Showing some of the content now.
4:33 - Brotherhood will have assassins hunting other assassins; you'll be able to use smoke, disguise yourself by sitting at a bench or otherwise many of the same single-player tricks.
4:34 - "'Exclusive' is my new favorite word," Tretton says.
4:35 - In the middle of a sizzler reel for games coming to PS3; most aren't exclusives, except for Move titles.
4:37 - Wrapping up the multi-game trailer. Gran Turismo 5 gets an extended look.
4:40 - Showing the Top Gear track as part of GT5; the Stig will be part of it, from early appearances. Famous drivers will provide voice, such as Sebastian Vettel. Arrives in November with 3D support built-in.
4:42 - Now looking at inFamous 2. Civilian population agitating against Cole. He can now use charged weapons and ice powers of some kind.
4:42 - One last surprise, Sony says.
4:43 - Twisted Metal remake?
4:45 - Twisted Metal for certain. Bringing out an ice cream truck on to the stage to drive home the point.
4:47 - Just called Twisted Metal; coming out 2011. You can pilot helicopters, motorcycles and other vehicles. More depth to weapons with two special attacks. Mega specials.
4:50 - Special multiplayer modes like Nuke. You'll have factions like the Clowns, who support Sweettooth. The Dolls support Dollface. One mode has you destroy statues representing the faction leaders; you have to capture the faction leader at a turret and launch him through a missile system.
4:50 - Sony will have Twisted Metal at its show booth.
4:52 - Keynote ends.

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