Nintendo E3 Keynote : June 15, 2010

12:22 - 12:19PM: The whip lets you grab items from a distance. Apologize for the technical problems, but it should be better on the E3 show floor. 12:17PM: Still explaining the story: you can control a beetle by flying it with the remote. Encountering wireless interference -- possibly a shadow of Apple's Wi-Fi problems? 12:10PM: Miyamoto bursts through the backstage, saying the host can focus on English while he focuses on controls. Shows navigating the environment; you have to slash living plant monsters in the directions their mouths are open. You can charge up a sword by holding it up or do spin attacks by swinging both hands in the same direction 12:06PM: Shigeru Miyamoto up describing how the game works: the Wii remote and the nunchuk are the sword and shield, respectively. They're also used for movement control. 12:04PM: Reggie Fils-Aime up on stage. Talking about how it's not just the technology, it's the end product. New Zelda game: Skyward Sword.
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12:25 - Fils-Aime rejects ideas that the Wii was losing momentum last year; that people don't buy Wii games. Wii users not only buy more games, but use them more often. IPSOS says more people intend to buy a Wii in the next six months than the other two years combined!
12:26 - There's a myth that people just play Wii Sports or Wii Fit and lose interest. That isn't the case. There are intermediate, or bridge games, that keep people playing. Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. Wii have sold 14m and 17m copies each.
12:28 - The new bridge game: Wii Party. Boardgame Island, Balance Boat and other multiplayer games. Coming in the holidays.
12:29 - Ubisoft's Just Dance 2: sequel with up to eight players dancing at the same time.
12:31 - Update on a developed DS game: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Making good use of the DS' relatively limited 3D abilities.
12:33 - GoldenEye remake trailer; this game has much advanced graphics, the same special Bond characters, but Daniel Craig in place of Pierce Brosnan for voice. Splitscreen and online multiplayer.
12:33 - GoldenEye hits this holiday.
12:38 - Paint and paint thinner are key to the game world: you can either bring things back to life or get rid of them, including objects and characters. How you use them affects characters. If you're creative, it matters versus being destructive.
12:41 - Epic Mickey will be on the show floor. Spector doesn't say when it'll be in stores (probably not this year).
12:45 - Kirby game up next: he's been favored even by hardened gamers, but hasn't had a headlining role in over 7 years. Kirby's Epic Yarn: told in a line drawing (yarn) fashion that lets you change shape or even manipulate the world by drawing two parts of the world together. Two-player co-op; due for release this fall.
12:47 - Dragon Quest IX for DS is up: very deep RPG. One player has over 140 hours because she's not racing to the end.
12:48 - Metroid: Other M returns for another trailer. Nothing too new here, but it stresses that there will be some first-person elements even with the new control scheme.
12:49 - Other M keeps the senses of isolation and exploration, but travels down new "emotional corridors." Will be out on the Wii as of August 31.
12:51 - Retro making a new Donkey Kong game: trailer shows it as very much like Donkey Kong Country. Obviously with 3D instead of sprites; Diddy Kong makes a return.
12:51 - Full title: Donkey Kong Returns. Ships for the holidays.
12:52 - Now going into the future of gaming. Super Mario 64 moved us into fully rendered 3D game worlds. Wii remotes got us off the couch. We're now not just raising the bar, but extending it into the distance. NINTENDO 3DS.
12:53 - There's nothing really to watch with big-screen 3D, and the glasses are annoying and expensive. You need to pay a hefty amount for everyone in the room.
12:53 - We think there's a better way: 3DS has no glasses. Promo reel up showing the history of 3D.
12:56 - Our first glimpse of it. On the outside, much like a regular DS. Sure enough, inside is much like rumored: there's one large screen on top and a regular DS-sized screen on the bottom. 3.5-inch 3D display on the top.
12:57 - There's a 3D depth slider to adjust the level of 3D effect, so you can make it pronounced, subtle or turn it off.
12:58 - Touch only on the bottom; it doesn't work that well with 3D screens (no real change from the DS).
1:00 - Improved the graphics at the same time as adding 3D. Control: there's now a slide pad for analog movement. There's a motion sensor and a gyroscope to take advantage of movement. Supports DSi games through a camera on the front; there are two cameras on the back to take 3D photos.
1:00 - 3D movie support: there will be trailers from Disney, Warner Bros. and others playing in 3D on the 3DS.
1:01 - Important: these are the first instances where movies like these have been shown in 3D without needing glasses.
1:04 - Project Sora has been an in-development game designed for 3D. It's actually Kid Icarus Rising. Graphics are better than the DS, but hard to say if as good as a Gamecube or Wii.
1:05 - 3D helps a lot with games: gives you a better sense of depth and distance. But communication is important, too.
1:06 - On the DS, if you changed games or apps, you dropped your Wi-Fi connection. The 3DS can keep a connection alive and gets online proactively. New data can be passively downloaded in the background.
1:08 - Nintendo in the past has had to build its own user base by creating first-party games. With the 3DS, however, Nintendo will have its best launch ever for third-party games. 3D version of Nintendogs is from Nintendo and will add cats.
1:09 - Games from EA, Konami, Square, THQ, Sega, Activision, Capcom and others. Kingdom Hearts (Square) and Saints Row (Activision); Resident Evil (Capcom) and Batman (Warner); Metal Gear Solid is coming from Konami, too.
1:10 - Rolling a video showing third-party devs talking about the 3DS. Clearly hoping to avoid the stigma of Nintendo being incapable of courting third-party games.
1:11 - Hideo Kojima of Konami is experimenting with Metal Gear, while Capcom is working on an original Resident Evil game for 3D.
1:13 - Reggie Fils-Aime wrapping up. There's no mention so far of any launch timeframes, but does say the 3DS will be at the booth.
1:15 - Can't adequately describe how 3D works, so we have a promo video to give you our impression of the effect it has.
1:17 - Nintendo is going to show attendees first-hand how the 3D works by bringing demo units to them in person here at the keynote.
1:19 - There will also be gameplay stations to play the new Wii Zelda game right here. No 3DS launch info at all -- likely won't be ready until 2011 at this stage.
1:19 - Keynote over.

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French show carries on with iPhones

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WhatsApp now handles over 100M calls daily

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Adele's '25' album now streaming

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SanDisk iXpand case has battery, storage

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Fifth Hong Kong store to open June 30

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Apple Music bug bites very short songs

There appears to be a reproducible bug in the current version of iTunes -- version 12.4.1, running on OS X 10.11.5, both the current non-beta versions of the respective software -- that causes a streamed song to become "stuck" in endless buffering if the streamed item just before this happened was 60 seconds or less in length. The problem appears to stem from code in iTunes that signals the next track to start downloading one minute before the currently-playing track is done, and thus songs shorter than one minute don't trigger the download. Locally-stored music is unaffected by the bug, and the problem does not appear to exist in either the macOS Sierra developer beta or versions of iTunes earlier than 12.4, and does not affect the iOS Music app at all.

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