Live WWDC 2011 Event Coverage : June 06, 2011

Where Apple is expected to talk about Mac OS X Lion, iCloud, and iOS 5, Apple's next generation mobile OS.
12:45 - Photos from Inside the Moscone [engadget]
12:48 -
12:51 - Under 10 mins to go until the event starts
12:57 - Apple says event to begin shortly
1:00 - "I feel good!" now playing
1:00 - [engadget]
1:03 - Steve Jobs takes the stage
1:03 - WWDC sold out in 2hrs, over 5,200 developers: "We have an awesome morning"
1:04 - Over 120 sessions, over 100 hands-on labs and over 1000 Apple engineers on-site
1:04 - [engadget]
1:05 - Three things today: Lion, iOS 5, and "some interesting cloud stuff"
1:05 - Schiller and another take the the stage
1:06 - Starting with Lion: Mac doing incredibly well, 54 million active users. Schiller extolls OS X by reading review quotes.
1:06 - PC market shrank by 1%, while Mac grew 28% year-over year [engadget]
1:07 - 75% of all sales are notebooks, OS X launched 10yrs ago and there is a revolution on the way..showing history of the OS, with early screenshots
1:08 - Lion is next major release with over 250 new features. First multitouch gestures using them multitouch trackpad we build into all of our laptops
1:09 - Gestures bring a realism not available on PCs before. (zoom, pinch, etc.); scrollbars not needed with multitouch; but can appear when you do need them
1:11 - Lion makes full-screen apps easier.
1:11 - New Swipe gesture lets you switch to the desktop easily and between full-screen apps.
1:12 - Mission Control: Exposť and Spaces have been unified and you get single preview window
1:13 - Demo of new Mission Control that enables you to control all windows of all applications.
1:14 - All gestures from iOS available in OS X, allowing you to easily "swipe" between apps and maximizing/minimizing apps
1:14 - Three finder swipes to move between full-screen apps (neat animation for maximizing)
1:16 - New facial-tracking effects added to Photo Booth, eg. birds that follow your gaze
1:17 - Mission Control: a single unified interface accessible via a gesture that offers a bird's eye view of whats going on your Mac.
1:18 - Drag&Drop apps to fill the spaces in Mission Control., Phils comes back on stage
1:18 - Schiller talks to Mac App Store: "best place to discover and buy Mac desktop apps"
1:19 - Mac App Store is now #1 spot for Mac app sales, pushing Best Buy into #2; Walmart #3 and Office Depot #4
1:20 - Pixelmator took $1m in first 20 days in the App Store
1:20 - Lion has new "change-only" updates, in-app purchases, push notifications, Sandboxing, and more
1:21 - New "Launch Pad" system provides instant access to apps.
1:21 -
1:22 - Launchpad offers quick access to all apps without changing the state in each.
1:23 - Lion automatically starts up all apps that were launched when the computer shutdown.
1:23 - Auto-Save: OS now has system for tracking history of the file in a pulldown menu.
1:23 -
1:24 - Auto-save is only tracking changes, not the entire document each time. Users also have the ability to manually "snapshot" at any given time--similar to Time Machine, but only on 1 document.
1:25 - Content can be copied between different versions, sharing only sends most recent copy, not a bunch of docs being saved, only changes.
1:26 - Demo shows LaunchPad being used to launch Mac App Store and downloading Twitter App into social networking folder with iChat app
1:28 - Demo shows Lion automatically saving presentation as it is being updated (versioning) along with history of version: current is on the left, and old is on the right, offering side-by-side comparison as well as copy & paste between them
1:31 - AirDrop is Apple's new file sharing system, replacing the flash drive method of moving/sharing files. The P2P utility allows you to just drag the file to other computer over WiFi (full encrypted).
1:31 - "completely" new version of Mail app with 2 or 3 viewing columns, favorites bar on the top, and search suggestions which can be used as "search tokens" and combined for more complex searches.
1:33 - New "conversation" view shows the conversation n the right column as they were sent....(not just for Lion users)
1:34 - Demo shows new Mail features: search (complex search with multiple tokens), conversations, and more.
1:36 - Schiller returns to the stage, says those are the top 10 features, but there are many more.
1:38 - Lion has over 3,000 new APIs, but will only be available through the Mac App Store for the "easiest upgrade you've ever seen." It will require 4GB of storage for it. It will be available for $29.99 vs $129.99 in previous years. $29.99 for all of your OS X machines. Availalble as Dev preview today and due in July.
1:39 - Scott Forstall SVP of iOS Software at Apple takes the stage to talk about iOS 5
1:44 - 25 million iPads in first 14 months, great stores, 15 billion songs from itunes, making it the number of one music retailer in the world. iBookstore has seen over 130 million ebooks in just one year.
1:49 - Customers have downloaded more than 14 billion apps; 225 million accounts with credit cards,
1:49 - iOS features new notifications system. Apple has pushed 100 billion notifications so far. "massively popular"
1:50 - New Notification Center combines all notification at top of the screen, but disappears. New lock screen with missed calls, messages, alerts, etc. Can dimiss all or some and can delete categories. List is very flexible.
1:53 - New Newstand offers central place for digital magazine such as National Geographic.
1:55 - Twitter being deeply integrated into iOS 5; single sign-on allows access from all apps (versus each individual app)
1:55 - Safari next: 64% of mobile browser usage: "best and most popular browser out there"
1:57 - New Safari reader button reformats content for the iPad, iPhone screen, offering email sharing options, aggregation of multiple sources, sync options across multiple devices (including desktop) for interupted or later browsing, etc
1:59 - New feature/App: Reminders: new app to monitor events, things to-do, etc; assign reminders to different notes, locations, etc. Location-aware app that offers lots of customization
2:00 - New Camera features. It is the most popular camera in the world (based on Flickr numbers) and accessible without unlock (if needed) and case use the volume button to take the photo
2:04 - Other new camera features: red-eye reduction, pinch-to-zoom, touch to set exposure/focus,e etc.
2:04 - New Mail features: new search across entire message (instead of subject), rich text formattitng, indentation support, draggable addresses, flagging messages (!), S/MIME support for encryptions.
2:07 - Dictionary now system-side for spell check in any app
2:08 - New split keyboard for using both thumbs on iPad
2:08 - New Wireless sync (no cable needed!) -- instant setup over WiFi, with no PC Needed. Software updates are also over-the-air (OTA)--notice on the screen and choice of installing or learning more. And only DELTA updates for smaller updates and quicker installations.
2:11 - Cut the cord to the PC: No Calendar, no photo editing, etc. You can create folders in Mail.
2:11 - Game Center: already have 50 million users (compared to Xbox live, which has been around for 8 years, only has 30 million users); adding photos to compare yourself against friends and friend of friends; adding support for turn-by-turn games as well.
2:14 - New iMessage for messaging between iOS users. Native IM system for iOS itself--iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (OS X?)
2:15 - Supports text, photo, video messaging, sending of contacts. All for person-to-person or group. Delivery receipts and optional read receipts (can see when other person is typing) and is pushed to all devices.
2:16 - Works over 3G and WiFi and is encrypted; built on apple's own push notifications system.
2:16 -
2:19 - Other features include new iTunes Music Store, AirPlay mirroring, send iPad 2 image to TV wirelessly, new iPad Music App, daily backups (before sync), gestures for moving between apps (like Lion), new dev tools, etc.
2:20 - iOS 5 ships this fall. (no mention for device support)--devs get it today. available for iPhone 4, iPad/iPad 2, iPod touch (3rd/4th gen)
2:24 - icloud: moving everything to the cloud (rather than your Mac)...shift over the past 10 yrs.
2:25 - iCloud stores all the data and pushes it wireless to all devices--not just a hard disk (like Google and Amazon think)'s more: integrated with all of the apps, nothing new.
2:27 - Takes a shot at it's own MobileMe offering, saying that Apple has rewritten contacts, calendar, and mail app to iCloud apps; all syncing automatic.
2:28 - MobileMe is done. iCloud is now FREE
2:28 - Three more apps for iCloud: App Store
2:31 - All apps are synced to every device: purchase history, redownload, bookmarks, etc.
2:32 - backup to iCloud will be 1x per day--all done wirelessly.
2:33 - Documents in the Cloud: automatically uploads and stores documents in the cloud and then pushes it to all devices. Works with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.
2:36 - Demo shows pushing of Pages document over 3G iPhone, insertion of photo on from Camera roll and push of that updated version to all all other devices.
2:38 - iCloud APIs let developers manage the syncing, uploading, etc. from within the apps.
2:42 - Next Photostream: bringing the Cloud to photos. Photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud and pushed to all devices. can import photos automatically. it's built-in t iPhoto on the Mac, Apple TV and into the Pictures folder on PCs
2:44 - Photos stored in the Cloud for 30 days, demo shows photo with iPhone pushes it to iPad automatically
2:48 - iTunes in iCloud: same story, enables download to all purchases to the Cloud and then to other devices. Allows you download all music again or just individual tracks. History of all purchasess...instead of 'buy' button, the 'cloud' button allows you to download it again. Firstime time in in the industry: multiple download to different devices with no charge. In the future it will be push to all the devices (but not now)
2:49 - Purchase tab in iTunes shows all the tracks purchased across any device.
2:51 - Demo of iTunes in Cloud mimics purchase/push to purchase list on iPad
2:52 - All trcks are 256kbps AAC and can we pushed to 10 devices; free service for any upgraded phone or buy a new one; turned on by default for all new iOS devices; 5GB of mail storage for mail; photostream and music not part of that
2:54 - now available as part of developer beta for iOS 4.3
2:57 - one more thing: one, small thing: ripped music--three ways to deal with it: sync new devices over Wifi, buy the songs on iTunes or a third new way: use iTunes Match
2:57 - iTunes Match offers 256kps AAC DRM-free music for all matched music for $24.99
2:59 - iTunes match takes minutes; get all of your music in the cloud for $24.99 (versus $50 for amazon,etc.)--one flat price.
3:00 - New data center is very eco-friendly
3:00 - [keynote over]

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