HP WebOS Event : February 09, 2011
1:00 - People were let into the presentation area a few minutes ago.
1:02 - More photos from inside the event.
1:13 - Still waiting for the event to start.
1:18 - The event just started. with Executive Todd Bradley taking the stage. Talking about "firsts" in history. "Creating experiences for a living is what the technology industry is all about"
1:19 - Talks about creating those experiences.
1:20 - HP serves 88,000 retail locations with a unprecedented reach.
1:20 - Last 60 seconds, shippped 120 PCs , 120 printers. The size and scale for HP are what sets it apart--"astronomical". Size of the market for connected devices is $160 billion.
1:23 - HP talks about webOS and how to connect to the internet with acquisition of Palm. Reason for company exist was to make a contribution.
1:25 - HP is focused on consistent experience and how to span a large variety of services: a solution for access to the entire universe. HP is focused on seamlessly connecting worlds/content.
1:26 - HP's Jon Rubenstein invited on stage.
1:28 - Presenting from a much larger stage now. Talk about roots with Palm Pre intro over two users ago at CES 2009. Talks about accolades of webOS.
1:30 - webOS is constantly being updated--even after device is delivered. webOS 2.1 is the "most important one" so far. Takes "true multi-tasking" and notifications, and others even further and adds alot. Already delivered on 5 devices, including Pre 2 on Vertizon which is due tomorrow.
1:31 - HP talks about "Jumbo" phone attack, but HP is focused on "Think small" and "think smart."
1:32 - HP introduces Veer with slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. Support for full web, including Flash. 2.6" 320x400 touch display. Gesture area.
1:33 - Veer is the size of the credit card and due in early Sprint.
1:35 - Veer images
1:36 - HP introduces Pre3 wwith HPSA and EVDO Rev A world phone. 802.11 a/bg/n. Bluetooth, etc. 1.4GHz processor.
1:36 - Pre3 due this summer. Boht the Veer and Pre3 compatible with Touchstone technology.
1:39 - HP introduces new tablet: HP Touchpad. Weighs 1.6lbs and is just 13.7mm thick. Hi-res 9.7" display. 1.3 megapixel camaera, Beats audio technology.
1:40 - Uses 1.2GHz processor ("not like 2.4GHz like the competitors do math")
1:41 - Touchbad uses webOS cardstacks and activity cards paradigms.
1:43 - Touchpad uses Synergy to sync info/calendars/contact through webOS login (if you already have a device). Has a virtual keyboard with number row and bundled with QuickOffice for editing.
1:44 - HP also introduces lightweight accessories, including a thin and light wireless keyboard.
1:45 - HP now demoing capabilities of new Touchpad.
1:46 - Images of TouchPad accessories
1:48 - Synergy allows SMS/phone calls from webOS phone on your TouchPad. Demos example of incoming SMS to phone showing on TouchPad.
1:51 - Demos examples of different apps in "cards" and unified calendar view.
1:53 - More demo of email: landcape modes and integrated email accounts (Outlook, Exchange, Gmail). Uses new "multi-select" functions to "declutter inbox".
1:55 - Talks about "multi-tasking" about key feature of the webOS. Browser supports HTML5 and Flash. Shows full motion video in Flash.
1:57 - Browser scrolling uses hardware acceleration in Touchpad--desktop-like experience. Shows demo of scrolling/using a recipe website.
1:58 - HP talks up notifications--unobstrusive in upper left. "Triage" notifications right from menu in upper right and allows you to quickly sort through notifications, including SMS/IMs, etc. Different size virtually keyboards for different people.
2:00 - Highlights use of numbers within standard webOS keyboard. No switching between different keyboard views.
2:02 - Highlights integration of social networking, including quick posting to Twitter. Also demos social networking in video/photo application.
2:04 - Demos easy of printing to connected to devices to quickly print to tens of million already-shipped HP printers. Supports Auto-discovery and also shows Facebook comments within photo application--can view and respond to comments on photo from within the app itself without going to website or Facebook.
2:05 - HP demos new SDK that allows developers to utilize GPU from Qualcomm for great detail and smooth reaction. Demo based on only a few days with new SDK for TouchPad. Not all about immersive gaming, but also immersive reading.
2:06 - Shows Sports Illustrated reading app with lots of images in both portrait and landscape modes. Will offer various options to read and purchase content.
2:07 - Also working with Amazon to bring Kindle reading to the TouchPad. Easily import collections from Kindle.
2:08 - Shows full motion video chat with call from Rubenstein during Kindle demo
2:09 - TouchPad video calling to Pre3 and still working with Skype, etc. but more details forthcoming when devices become available.
2:10 - HP demos full syncing of Webpage from Touchpad to Pre3 so sharing of content is fast and easy using "Touch-to-Share".
2:11 - HP TouchPad can pair with other webOS devices for easy/quick sharing.
2:12 - Rubenstein back on stage to roudup features and how "Dreamworks" has seen the new devices. Dreamworks will be offering content such as Shrek and Kong Fu Panda at launch. Shows video from Dreamworks CEO who had time with the device.
2:14 - WiFi version of TouchPad ude in US and other markets this summer with 3G to follow.
2:15 - HP introduces Qualcomm Chairman/CEO, Dr. Paul E Jacobs on stage who talks about mobility needs and growth opportunities. Qualcomm excited about HP's growth/scale to enable the best mobile experiences.
2:20 - Jacobs touts new Snapdragon platform and chipset for mobility: tablets and phones.
2:22 - Pre3 due this summer is first 1.4GHz Snapdragon CPU.
2:25 - HP talks up Beats audio technology and invites Jimmly LOvie CEO of Beats by Dr. Dre. Says $1m laptops with Beats Audio; now computer has become defacto stereo and HP is trying to differentiate itself from everybody else using music. HP laptops (and future TouchPad) help replicate emotion in music and the live studio production atmostphere and "feeling" during creation.
2:36 - Facebook app for webOS is the most admired app out there. Offers multiple views of facebbok within a single stack. Comments/Notifications all integrated into webOS and other apps.
2:38 - HP talks about multi-tasking new games that can use multi-tasking without interrupting flow. Talks about independent developers who are given choice. webOS 2.1 SDK, due later today, will offer more deeply integrated experience with webOS.
2:40 - HP focuses on choice on how things are delivered for gaming, reading, work productivity, etc. Goal is "most connected" device OS in the market.
2:43 - HP demos marketing video on content and services available or due for webOS, including those from Time, Inc. Invites Randall Rothenberg on stage to talk about digital content delivery.
2:48 - Images from Time Inc demo
2:55 - webOS coming to new markets, including printers and other markets not yet created.
2:56 - HP WebOS coming to the personal computer--both desktop and laptop with more details coming.
3:01 - Announces that MC Hammer and Serena are at the event.
3:04 -
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