Google I/O Keynote : May 19, 2010

12:11 - (From 12:05PM) Talking about HTML5 momentum: notes that it has seen a few upward spikes in the past few months, partly because of Apple. Makes a joke that it must have been a "late night Steve Jobs e-mail or something." Google takes help where it can get it.
12:11 - Desktop apps lost their luster after 2004, right around when AJAX web coding took off. From about 2008, HTML5 started going in; 2010 should see all the major browsers support it.
12:15 - Demoing MugTug Darkroom: an image editor that had previously been HTML4 and depended on an Internet connection. In HTML5, it can work offline -- the dev removed the Ethernet cable to prove it.
12:19 - Clicker intros a 10-foot interface for browsing online video from the web. Behaves with the kinds of transitions you'd expect on a desktop app. Live as-you-type searching. It dynamically pools video from all over the web, including ABC, YouTube and others.
12:22 - Video is very important; bought On2 partly because of interest in its very web-friendly VP8 video codec.
12:23 - Google is launching WebM, an open web media project that uses VP8 for royalty-free, open-source video on the web. Opera and Mozilla are partners.
12:25 - YouTube's HTML5 beta will support WebM out of the gate; 720p videos and above at first. Video is key to the web experience, but it needs to be truly integrated.
12:26 - The web needs to be above being subject to the whim of a single company [read: Adobe, maybe Apple]. Needs to take advantage of multiple cores, graphics hardware, DSP chips.
12:27 - Mozilla demos Project London, an example site that shows how you can use HTML5, SVG and other open web tech to build an advanced media site with custom controls.
12:29 - CTO of Opera: No one patented HTML, JavaScript or other technologies; WebM brings that to video.
12:31 - Users can visit to get a test version of Opera that has WebM support built-in. Demo shows video, SVG and native web fonts all co-existing without having to use a plugin.
12:37 - Adobe on stage: shows that Dreamweaver CS5 creates HTML5 and has a multi-device view that lets you see how a site is rendered on three different devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and lets you add different CSS settings depending on the device's resolution.
12:41 - Dreamweaver lets you add transitions on the fly in CSS. Also lets devs link SVG images to CSS and create dynamic images based on HTML5.
12:43 - Shows how you can create dynamic transitions relatively quickly in Dreamweaver with CSS and HTML5.
12:44 - VP8 is going to be usable inside Flash; you'll see a whole bunch of devices with Flash on day 2. [read: Android 2.2, Google TV, etc. may not show at all today]
12:50 - Google Chrome to have a "new tab" page that shows web apps rather than simply frequently visited pages. An example web app is TweetDeck: it now has an HTML5 version that works much like the AIR edition on the desktop. Chrome web store: paid apps even work and let you automate getting into paid services. Flash apps will work too.
12:51 - An example game, Lego Star Wars: Search for R2-D2, works in 3D and provides a desktop-level app.
12:59 - Sports Illustrated shows an HTML5 version of its content online; behaves like a tightly edited magazine but without a plugin. It shows careful layouts, animated transitions, interactive components like polls and in-browser video (both full-screen and otherwise). Fonts are much more print-like. An always-available navigation bar exists for jumping from area to area.
1:00 - SI: After showing a tablet version of the mag, met with Google in Mountain View: saw a "storm" coming that would change how the company published online.
1:02 - Chrome Web Store will work in Mac, Linux and Windows versions of Chrome as well as Chrome OS. Supports standard web technologies, so apps won't need to break in other browsers to work in the store.
1:05 - Google Wave is being made available to everyone today as part of the Google apps collection. Good for collaboration; it's a lot faster, more reliable and more usable than in the preview. It supplies e-mail notifications, tutorials and templates.
1:08 - Media and attachment features being added; you can add media viewer types into Wave. Publishing more protocols so that you can develop any Wave client you like.
1:12 - It's still too hard to take advantage of web apps at work. Takes too long to make a web app; they need to run on phones and many other devices. Architecture choices also tend to limit your future, even on the web. Sheer number of apps can also be intimidating.
1:14 - Primarily a business-oriented section; updates may get less frequent from here.
1:20 - Google lets Java(Script?) users get access to HTML5 apps in a new web toolkit.
1:29 - New web toolkit with HTML5 is much faster (less than 500ms) and can even show where the slowdowns occur.
1:37 - You can search a database of millions of contacts or other data within a few seconds; very important for larger companies.
1:42 - Showing a web app created with the HTML5 web toolkit on an iPad as well as Android.
1:48 - Showed live updating in HTML5 apps. Now showing cloud portability.
1:53 - Google App Engine for Business: designed to solve enterprise problems. Domain console, pro-level support, an official service-level agreement to promise reliability, SSL encryption and support for SQL databases.
1:55 - $8 per month per user for full support, maximum $1,000 per app.
2:06 - Keynote ended. Day 2 keynote takes place Thursday, May 20 at 11:30AM Eastern.

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