Google Chrome Event : December 07, 2010

1:37 - Google says Chrome has 120M users, up from 70M last year.
1:38 - Chrome now automatically loads a page based on the first letter...e.g., C loads, E loads All about speed.
1:38 - Google working building PDF reader into Chrome. Focus on making it "very fast." [Almost instantaneous viewing of 20-30 pg PDF, 1990 PDF also very fast loading.]
1:40 - Google also focusing on 'hardware acceleration' for graphical content. Specifically, offloading processing of graphical content to GPU. Adding 3D content acceleration using WebGL. Demo shows 3D acquarium with 1000 fish moving within browser--all being offloaded to the GPU for real-time animation within the browser. Second demo shows layered drawing that enables viewing, searching, and locating different items within illustration.
1:46 - Focus on JavaScript. Adding CrankShaft that uses Adaptive compiling that can increase speed by 2x.
1:47 - Reduces simplicity of browser with only 7 "click targets" at the top of the browser. Seamless automatic updates; No modal dialogs. Same Chrome experience everywhere.
1:50 - Security focus: seamless/automatic updates; sandboxing, and plug-in sandboxing.
1:52 - New feature added: Chrome Webstore. Focus on connecting users and developers, e.g., finding a product on the phone would also allow users to find the same service on the Web. Shows NPR radio streaming demo along with Sport Illustrated (SI Snapshot)
1:58 - Quick integrated purchases using Google account. Different type of monetization options for developers: one-time or subscription or try-it for free (up to developer how long trial is).
2:01 - New York Times CTO demos new Chrome Web app that offers multiple views by headline, galleries, photos, etc. Very fast browsing of all its content.
2:13 - EA sport talka about Pogo games and conversion of Poppit to Web store in less than 48hrs using Google APIs. "Faster and prettier" in Chrome and full high-resolution. Very fast. Available now in Web store and with Chrome 9 download.
2:15 - Amazon shows Kindle for Web, which offers full control over viewing of any book, including fonts, spacing, etc. Due early next year.
2:16 - Webstore available today via Chrome at
2:18 - Chrome OS is "nothing but the Web". Shows demo of loading Chrome notebook with 4 step process in under 60 seconds. (1) Select connectivity (2) Accept TOS (3) Sign in (4) Take photo ==> Boots into Chrome.
2:21 - Demos same experience propagating from PC to netbook,inlucing sycning of theme changes and install/uninstall of apps.
2:26 - Offline use using Chrome OS: Google docs can be used offline (not yet available, but coming) and later synced when connected. Games also available offline using on-notebook caching.
2:26 - Guest and User experience: deletes everything when guests use computer. User accounts synced across any device. "Friends let friends login" to devices with complete anonymity and privacy ("best privacy of any device").
2:27 - Demos printing without any driver using Google Cloud Print (currently in beta)
2:29 - Partnered with Verizon to provide connectivity for all Chrome netbooks. 100MB of free data every month for 2yrs. No contracts with multiple pricing options, starting at $9.99 for day plan. Not all plans are re-occurring. Activation process is less than 5 minutes and Google is working to streamline this.
2:36 - Google talks about security for Chrome OS. Current model is based on user-responsibility to find/apply updates. Security updates are automatic, seamless (all apps, OS are updated). Sandboxing in the OS level to protect from malware. By default, all user data is separated and encrypted for security. Finally, "verified boot" puts core, initial OS in firmware as read-only: on-boot the device/OS checks this ROM to verify all other parts. The system will revert back to its backup copy if any problems during boot are detected. First consumer OS to ship with such high security.
2:37 - Google talks about Chrome in Enterprise: says that security features save money/resources on "orders of magnitude" less and that enterprise customers are clamoring due to security/IT savings.
2:39 - Citrix shows Excel being run within Chrome browser but from a "private cloud". Launches fast and updates are made very quickly to cells and graphs. Taking all of apps off the netbooks and into "private cloud" (i.e, own servers). Citrix is working with Google deliver functions early next year.
2:40 - Photo
2:40 - Photo
2:47 - Google with Acer, Samsung, and Intel to deliver Chrome notebooks globally in mid-2011. Other OEMS will follow. Already being used internally at Google (1000s of users already). New "Google OS Pilot program" launches today.
2:49 - Pilot program will use un-branded notebook called "Cr-48" (isotope of Chromium). 12.1-inch display, full-size keyboard, oversized clickable touchbased, World-mode 3G, 802.11n dual band WiFi, 8+ hours of active use, 8+ days of standby, Webcam for video chats, No caps-lock, function keys. Fully "jail-breakable" for use with OSes.
2:50 - Partner with many businesses to deploy this pilot program: American Airlines, Kraft, Logitech (now part of Google), Virgina America, Department of Defense, and many more
2:52 - Also to a few users: Chrome Pilot program for consumers (free device). Those who did the quiz on facebook and answered the "quiz" will get the sticker on a Chrome notebook. also offers consumer pilot research program. Google will also send a device to everyone in attendance.
2:56 - Eric Schmidt invited to stage to talk about computing and Chrome OS.
3:00 - Photo
3:01 - Photo
3:03 - Event Ended. Q&A session now starting.
3:12 - Photo
3:13 - Photo
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Swift benchmarking suite goes open-source

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