Google Android Event : February 02, 2011

12:20 - Press registration just started.
12:23 - More photos from the post-event demo area
12:49 - Press are still waiting to get in.
12:56 - The room is now open and people are getting seated.
12:59 - Event begins in 5 min.
1:04 - Event begins. To focus on HoneyComb--Android 3.0 and Android Marketplace.
1:07 - New home button that brings up app previews.
1:10 - Grid and stack widgets for user's home screen for quick and easy access to important information. Also notification at lower right with rich media notification features (for IM for music control, quick access to settings, etc.)
1:11 - Fruit Ninja Demo with multi-handed and multi-finger gestures.
1:13 - Gmail in landscape mode with two panes that feature "application fragments" that are used to encapsulate specific functionality that can be reused in both phone and tablet version.
1:16 - All 2D drawing can be hardware-accelerated using a single line of code. Added new framework for transitions and animations along with a new rendering engine called RenderScript. Example showed 3D wall of YouTube.
1:18 - New version of Maps for 3D rendering using vector graphics for zoom, rotations, and building views that almost instantaneously displays info within the 3D constructs that are part of the framework, including Google anatomy that utilizes layers.
1:20 - Showcases 3D graphics on Android 3.0 with Developer showing Monster Madness (shown below) using same assets and logic. Another games uses 100% of both cores on mobile.
1:21 - Both games due within next month.
1:21 -
1:22 - New UI for camera app that exposes controls and allows immediate upload to Web.
1:23 - Demos video chat (though the demo is quirky and the "LadyKiller' is not available.)
1:24 -
1:24 - New Video chat technology.
1:25 - CNN invited to demo new application: Android app that will launch for free in the Android market.
1:27 - More images from upcoming CNN Android app that features photos and live video that covers both top stories and breaking news.
1:28 - CNN app will feature iReport. First screen will show gallery of recent/featured reports. First time on a tablet.
1:30 - Quick upload feature from both front- or back-facing camera with automatic, backround uploading of info, photos and video. "Invites everybody to part of the news process"
1:32 - CNN finishes up demo and emphasize importance of tablets and how people will connect through live events, reporting, and interactivity.
1:33 - Now talks about the changes to the Android market with more control for promotion and more opportunities for monetization.
1:35 - Emphasizes the Android team who have been "working tirelessly" to put the finishing touches on everything, including a Android Market Webstore via the Web (previously through the app only). Now install and purchase available via the Web.
1:38 - Typical categories and showcase of apps on the Web (similar to Android app store) with description, application reviews, other apps by developer. Buy button feature pop-up that allows you understand which types of devices the app can be used for.
1:39 - After Web purchase, the app automatically pushed to your device via the network (not necessarily tethered or wireless, but over cellular data network).
1:40 - In addition to instant recognition of already installed apps, developers can add YouTube videos to Web page to promote. Also offers social networking features for tweeting and sharing application. The links to the app (via sharing) are intelligent are sent to the Web when on a desktop or to the Android market client when on a device.
1:44 - Search options for free, paid, by relevance, by popularity, etc. One-click process for "free" apps and two-clicks for paid. New 'My Market' account has a list of all apps purchased to install on other nicknamed devices. It is live now on the Internet at
1:45 - Buyer currency support is coming to the Android market, allowing users to enter explicit prices in supported currencies. It will be rolled out in phased manner--US sellers will/can set "override" prices. Over coming months, new currency and seller support.
1:46 - Adding support for in-app purchases (from within application).
1:48 - Invites Disney Mobile to demo Android market features, such as in-app purchasing. (already have 60 million app downloads). Bringing three apps to Android market place, including Radio Disney due within next few weeks.
1:50 - Bringing Tap Tap revenge to Android with all the social features and gameplay and all the music--downlooad 50 million times and sold over 25 million songs within app.
1:51 - Demos Tap Tap revents on Nexus S phone.
1:52 - Coming this spring with in-app billing.
1:54 -
1:55 - 50 developers will show Honeycomb-optimized apps at MWC.

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Apple public betas for iOS 9.3, OS X 10.11.4

Following Monday's release of betas for the iOS and OS X, Apple has unveiled public betas for both operating systems. The iOS 9.3 beta includes all of the previously reported enhancements for education customers, along with Wi-Fi calling for Verizon iPhone owners, and a carrier update for T-Mobile users. The OS X 10.11.4 third beta includes enhancements to Twitter URL opening, Live Photo viewing and sharing, and Evernote note importation into Notes.


Google given NHTSA SDS waivers

In contrast to the California Department of Motor Vehicle's approach, the US National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) has confirmed that it is declaring the software in autonomous cars is the legal driver of a so-equipped vehicle. In a letter to Google, the NHTSA says that it "will interpret 'driver' in the context of Google's described motor vehicle design as referring to the SDS [self-driving system], and not to any of the vehicle occupants." Other matters, such as legally-required rear-view mirrors for occupied vehicles has yet to be determined. However, regulations specifying the "driver" need no longer be interpreted as meaning a person behind the wheel, as the agency writes that self-driving cars "will not have a 'driver' in the traditional sense that vehicles have had drivers during the last more than one hundred years"


Dropshare 4 for Mac now available

Dropshare 4 for Mac has shipped, introducing support for uploading files and screenshots to Amazon S3 API-compliant services, like DreamObjects and OpenStack. The update also introduces a new popup design, an in-app editor for custom landing pages, an improved upload history window, and security improvements when using SSH connections. The paid upgrade costs $25, though it is free for customers who bought the previous version this year and half-price for those who acquired version 3 of the app last year.


Google starting phase-out of Flash ads

Search engine and advertising giant Google will shortly no longer accept Adobe Flash-created ads for its AdWords network. Starting June 30, ads in the once-ubiquitous format will no longer be accepted. Additionally, after January 2, 2017, the network will no longer serve Flash-based advertisements, and the network will be completely HTML 5 based.


Sonos now works with Apple Music

Wireless music system manufacturer Sonos has announced that its systems worldwide will gain compatibility for streaming the paid Apple Music subscription service starting today, February 10. "Music fans worldwide will have access to Apple Music features like For You, New, Radio, and My Music, and will also be able to stream the entire Apple Music catalog through Sonos smart speakers tuned for great sound in every room of their homes," the company said in an email to journalists. Apple Music's streaming service costs $10 per month, with a free three-month trial.

Software  12h

Apple want ads hint at future Watch faces

An Apple job listing for a dedicated clock face team may suggest future fashion-brand partnerships, possibly in time for the updated watchOS updates that are likely to be revealed at this spring's Worldwide Developer Conference. Since the introduction of watchOS 2, there has only been four new watch faces, but three of them were left over from the first release, with only one truly new one -- the co-branded Hermés face exclusive to that edition. There is a rumored March 15 event, but if that takes place it will likely focus on new band options as regards the Apple Watch.

Gadgets  22h

Microsoft may end Office Support Professional prog

Microsoft appears to be either ending or seriously revamping its "Accredited Support Professional Program" for training on Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS it has offered at MacTech conferences since 2013. The program is not on offer at the upcoming MacTech tour, which begins on March 16 in San Francisco and includes a number of other cities. Microsoft has released a statement that it is "evaluating options for 2016, but don't have anything to share at this time."

Software  1d