Back To The Mac : October 20, 2010

Apple is set to unveil a new version of Mac OS X and possibly new Macs.
12:54 - We're still waiting for the event to get started. Apple lets the media into these events early but is typically a few minutes late with the formal start.
12:59 - Lights are dimming. Event should start any moment.
1:00 - Steve Jobs is on stage. Thanks for coming this morning. We've got some fun stuff to share with you. Because we're in a more intimate setting, we'll let some of the engineers demo them to you. In and out like a yo-yo.
1:02 - Tim Cook on stage: showing Apple revenue. 33% of it was the Mac. Significant, but that amounts to $22 billion. If it were stand-alone company ("no plans!"), it would be #110 on the Fortune 500.
1:02 - 13.7 million Macs in the past fiscal year. Three times as many as in 2005. Incredible.
1:02 - Installed base of Mac users is just shy of 50 million. Extraordinarily proud of it. 27% year over year growth compared to 11% average (IDC data).
1:03 - Apple has outpaced the industry for 18 quarters in a row. 20.7% US market share in retail, according to NPD.
1:05 - Very vibrant developer community. 600,000 registered Mac developers. Adding 30,000 per month. Valve is new, bringing games simultaneously to Mac and PC. Autodesk bringing back AutoCAD. Looking forward to that for a long time.
1:06 - ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index): #1 in customer satisfaction for computers, 7th year in a row. #1 in Consumer Reports for past decade. #1 in PCWorld's reliability. PCMag's Reader's Choice for desktops and laptops.
1:07 - Retail stores are important to the strategy: over 2.8 million Macs sold there, about 50% of those new to the Mac. 318 retail stores. Great openings like the Upper West Side, Paris' Opera store, Covent Garden in London, and Shanghai.
1:08 - Reiterating from the fiscal call: the Chinese stores are the highest traffic ones. That's making a statement given US traffic.
1:08 - Momentum for the Mac has never been higher. Back to Steve.
1:08 - Jobs hears a lot of phones beeping. Asks briefly to have people turn them off.
1:09 - On to products: iLife. It's why some people buy a Mac. You can do amazing things with photos, videos, music that you can't do on any other computer. We keep improving it every year or two. iLife '11 is coming.
1:10 - Three showing today iPhoto '11: new full screen modes, Facebook enhancements, e-mailing photos directly. New slideshows and a "big leap in books;" over 2 million books ship a year. Improving how you make books and how they're printed. Letterpress cards.
1:12 - Phil Schiller on stage to demo iPhoto. You can now spend your full time working in full screen with events. Very fast since it uses Core tech. Faces and Places also use the extra screen area.
1:14 - You can show all the photos associated with a given pushpin on the Places map. You can have iPhoto make a slideshow based on a given place with map transitions automatically put in.
1:16 - More iPad-like view for albums. Slideshows have their own templates: Reflections is one (we've seen this in a presentation before). Holiday is another one.
1:17 - E-mail sharing: you get an iOS-style e-mail pane that pops up when you choose to share. Pre-made templates that can include the full-size photos as well. Never have to leave the app to share.
1:20 - There's a new Sharing pane: you can not only see what you've shared lately but will show comments people have made on Facebook and elsewhere. There's now a full-screen carousel for creating a book. You can choose a theme. It's smart enough to use key images and highly-rated photos for covers and as primary images.
1:23 - You can see the entire spread. New Project view: you can see every project you've made in an iBooks-style viewer. Showing letterpress cards in the carousel view. Apple is actually running a video to show how its cards are made.
1:24 - Jobs back on the stage for iMovie '11: all new audio editing. We strive to do very complex editing very simply.
1:25 - Randy Ubillos from the iMovie team to show it.
1:27 - Audio now has waveforms shown along with the videos. You can raise or lower the volume of individual segments. You can also apply fade.
1:31 - You can apply audio effects, such as changing the pitch or speed. Awesome Star Wars reference by slowing down "Luke, I am your father." New feature to highlight the last frame: freezes it, flashes it and does a Ken Burns effect before moving on.
1:32 - Movie-style trailer videos: you can put people into credits, interstitial messages and relevant clips.
1:34 - iLife knows to tag certain kinds of shots depending on how close they are, whether there's a group or action shot, and even decide whether there's a good slow motion shot. Individual people get singled out too using Faces.
1:35 - Note: Apple actually had musicians compose orchestral pieces for the movie-style template.
1:36 - You can now directly share to Facebook and Vimeo on top of YouTube.
1:38 - Two more movie-style templates. Very slick. Indiana Jones-like in one case.
1:38 - Jobs back up. Isn't that awesome? We think people are going to have tons of fun.
1:39 - New GarageBand '11. Flex Time to help fix timing. Groove Matching. More guitar amps and effects, new piano and guitar lessons, and a "how do I play?" feature.
1:41 - Xander Soren of the team up. Groove Matching first: showing how you can sync up people who were roughly playing only to something like a drum loop.
1:42 - To groove match, you star one instrument as the base; everything else gets locked together in rhythm. But a human rhythm, not robotic. Like an automatic spell checker for bad rhythm.
1:43 - Flex Time: one of our guitars played a little short. Double-click on a segment and you can stretch it out.
1:47 - Going to lessons: guitar and piano have been expanded to include more specific categories. Learn how to play specific styles. Lessons are in full screen and show which keys or chords to play. Live feedback with how you played, including supporting instruments. Good notes in green, live scores and feedback on mistakes.
1:47 - You can identify where you went wrong. Guitar or piano.
1:48 - Over five million people using GarageBand [not sure how Apple tracks this].
1:49 - iLife '11 is still free with every new Mac. Upgrade is now $49 [cheaper than earlier $79]. Available today.
1:49 - Next from Jobs: FaceTime.
1:51 - 19 million devices with FaceTime in the first 4 months. Number one request: can we please do this with these devices and our Macs? FaceTime for the Mac -- separate app. Works with any device, works full screen.
1:52 - It automatically rotates to adapt to an iPhone or iPod in landscape mode. Phil Schiller demos. Beta of FaceTime for the Mac today.
1:53 - These were the entrees. Want to give you a sneak peek as to where we're going with the Mac. Seven major releases in the last decade. Don't think anyone can match that record.
1:55 - A preview of Mac OS X Lion. What's the philosophy? Back to the Mac. We started with Mac OS X. We created a version called iOS for the iPhone. Perfected it over the years to where it's in the iPad. Bringing some features back to the Mac.
1:56 - Multi-touch gestures. An App Store. App home screens. Full-screen apps: sometimes, not always, that's good on the Mac too.
1:56 - Auto-saving apps. Auto-resuming apps, too.
1:57 - Most people have thought about touch surfaces on the notebook itself. It gives a great demo, but after an extended amount of time, your arm wants to fall off. Touch surfaces want to be horizontal, not vertical. That's why we've perfected multi-touch on trackpads. Why we did it on the mouse with the Magic Mouse, and the Magic Trackpad.
1:59 - App Store: on the iPhone it's revolutionized mobile apps. iPad too. 7 billion downloads from the App Store. We'd like to bring it to the Mac, too. Not the only place, but the best place to discover apps. One-click downloads, 70/30 revenue split, automatic installation, and automatic app updates. Apps licensed for all your personal Macs.
2:00 - Launchpad to launch Mac App Store titles.
2:00 - Currently our interface management features: Dashboard, Expose, full-screen apps, and spaces. Unifying them into one.
2:03 - Craig Federighi up to peek at a few features. App Store first. Looks a lot like the iPad store. Shows different categories, top paid, and updates. Customer ratings and reviews. Icons fly out of the store and towards the dock when you buy. iOS-style install progress bar.
2:04 - LaunchPad: shows a range of apps with multiple home screens. Organize it to the right order. Shows iOS-style folders.
2:06 - Full-screen apps support multi-touch gestures to swipe through them or to go back to the desktop. iPhoto is one of them. You can also use gestures to flick into and out of Dashboard.
2:08 - Mission Control unifies everyting: Expose style windows, shortcut to the Dashboard and more. Gestures let you control everything. Apps are grouped together in clusters.
2:09 - Jobs back on stage. Really excited about Lion. It's really going to delight Mac users. Whole new way of getting apps, finding and launching apps, full-screen apps, and of course Mission Control.
2:09 - Our plan is to release Lion summer 2011. On schedule, feel really good about it.
2:10 - Talking about the Mac App Store: really great for our users. We don't want to wait for Lion, so we're going to open it within 90 days for Snow Leopard. Developers can learn about it today. App submissions in November.
2:10 - Recapping: we love the Mac and are investing heavily in it. Again, 20% market share for the first time in a long while. Continue to invest in retail stores.
2:11 - Going over iLife '11 features.
2:12 - FaceTime on Mac recap. And of course, Lion.
2:12 - But there is one more thing...
2:12 - Again, Back to the Mac. Virtuous circle. That philosophy has some benefit in our hardware. What would happen if a MacBook met an iPad?
2:13 - An iPad has instant-on. That's pretty rare for a notebook. Great battery life. Amazing standby time. Solid-state storage: no optical or hard drives. Thinner and lighter, so even more mobile. Some great things!
2:15 - New MacBook Air. We think it's the future of notebooks. Like nothing we've ever created. Very small. Amazingly thin: at its thickest, it's 0.68 inches thin. Tapers down to 0.11 inches. Weighs 2.9 pounds. Unibody; full-size keyboard and trackpad. 13.3-inch display. 1440x900.
2:17 - Core 2 Duo - fast for this class - GeForce 320M, multi-touch trackpad. SSD means instant-on, up to 2X faster. More reliable, 90% smaller and lighter. 7 hours of standard use. 30 days standby.
2:18 - We don't think most battery life tests are as stringent; 7 hours is with real-world. A previous MacBook Air would get less than 5 (?).
2:21 - Showing the inside: very miniaturized, but giant battery. It's not the whole story. 11.6-inch model too. 2.3 pounds. 1366x768 display. 5 hours of wireless use, 30 days of standby.
2:22 - 11-inch: 1.4GHz, $999 for 64GB SSD, $1,199 for 128GB SSD. 13-inch at $1,299 for 1.86GHz and 128GB SSD, and $1,499 (?) for 256GB SSD. Highly recyclable.
2:25 - Both are available starting today. Video ad rolling. Very short and simple: everything has come down to this. Promo video: Ive says it's the culmination of learning.
2:28 - Shows what you get when you move away and focus all on flash storage. Ive: very thin and very light. Incredible structural integrity. Borchert: put virtually everything on the logic board. Very tightly integrated.
2:29 - Demo booths outside of the town hall to try it. Jobs wraps up -- keynote ends.
3:33 -

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