Apple's IPad 3 Event : March 07, 2012

Apple unveils the third-generation iPad and a new Apple TV.
9:54 - Tune in closer to 1PM Eastern, when we'll start providing news of the event as it comes.
12:44 - People are being let in; Eddy Cue, Phil Schiller, and Scott Forstall have all been seen, so that gives a good clue as to who's likely to take the stage.
12:46 - An example of how many journalists were invited to the event; despite a small venue, there's a large number of people. [image via Wall Street Journal]
12:59 - Tim Cook taking the stage.
1:01 - Talking about a world where the PC isn't the center of the digital world, but another device. What you use is more portable, personal, and dramatically easier to use than any PC has ever been.
1:01 - Three "blockbuster" post-PC devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod).
1:02 - Any would be happy to have just one post-PC device: we have all three. Momentum is staggering: 172 million of these three.
1:03 - Plays to Apple's strengths. Talking Apple store: needs to be a place to learn about them, to discover them. The Amsterdam store is the newest [opened last week]. 362 retail stores.
1:04 - Grand Central Station store's opening was "off the charts." [image via Gdgt]
1:06 - Video running showing the making of the Grand Central store.
1:07 - Cook back up. A key element is iOS. Sold an "astonishing" 352m of the devices, 62m just last quarter. Recapping Siri: intelligent personal assistant who gets things done just by asking. Whole new way to interface with your phone.
1:08 - Fun to let you listen to Siri in other parts of the world: plays other languages. Today, we're bringing Siri to Japan [confirming one leak from Apple itself].
1:09 - Siri in Japanese is part of iOS 5.1, available today.
1:10 - Talking a 'virtuous app cycle:' great apps make for more downloads, which lead to great apps, which leads to more downloads. 25b so far [as of this weekend].
1:11 - iTunes in the Cloud now supports movies. iTunes is now going 1080p: "absolutely incredible quality" for movies and TV shows.
1:12 - New Apple TV: 1080p and a "new streamlined user interface."
1:15 - Eddy Cue shows the new interface: Photo Stream is now much more automated and shows new images without doing anything. UI is more icon-driven. The new movie UI (which is somewhat familiar) has Genius recommendations. [images via Gdgt]
1:16 - Same "low" $99 price, available next week. Orders start today.
1:17 - Talking iPad: the "poster child of the post-PC world." Almost 15.5m last quarter alone. Sold more in the last quarter than any PC manufacturer did in their entire line.
1:19 - iPad is showing in people's lives worldwide. When we set out to create the iPad, we didn't just set out to create a new product, but a new category. When we ask iPad users who had a notebook, a desktop, a smartphone what their favorite device was for e-mail, they said iPad. Also favorite for e-readers and gaming. So many activities.
1:20 - Part of it is the bundled apps with the iPad, and the over 200,000 apps as well: "gorgeous and groundbreaking." Help you create, learn, or do almost anything.
1:22 - Shows a Twitter app on the Android: looks like a "blown-up smartphone app," because that's just what it is. Compare to the iPad. Yelp: lots of white space. Hard to read. Compare it to the iPad. That's why our momentum builds.
1:24 - Everyones been wondering "who will come out with a tablet that is better than the iPad 2?" Stop wondering: we are. The new iPad. [via Gdgt]
1:25 - Amazing: whole new level. Redefining the category. Amazing improvements on the most fundamental features. Retina Display: until you see it, you can't understand how amazing it is.
1:26 - Refers to the iPhone 4/4S screen: no one's yet matched that technology, and we're going to bring it to the 9.7-inch screen. Presents a problem for us though. For the first time, the iPad has a higher resolution than even the display behind me, Schiller says referring to the screen behind him.
1:28 - Sharper than a newspaper: photos will look incredible. Fonts look amazing. Confirming the 2048x1536 resolution. Higher resolution than a 1080p: 1m more pixels. 264PPI; called a Retina Display because viewing distances are further back.
1:29 - A5X chip to give "even more horsepower." Has quad-core graphics. Four times faster than NVIDIA's Tegra 3, twice as fast as iPad 2. The display has 44% better color saturation, too.
1:30 - Next: iSight camera on the back. Brought the optics of the iPhone 4S to the iPad. Autoexposure, autofocus with AF lock, auto face detection, edge-to-edge detail. A "blast to use." Video recording now in 1080p.
1:33 - Five-megapixel camera includes built-in stabilization [like the 4S], too. Perfect to watch these videos on the Retina Display.
1:33 - Voice dictation [not Siri]: new key on the bottom to speak and dictate what you have to say. Supports English/French/German/Japanese.
1:35 - 4G LTE up to 72Mbps. On 3G, supports up to 21Mbps HSPA+ normally, and dual-carrier HSPA+ for up to 42Mbps. It's amazing, you'll love using it on the new high-speed networks.
1:35 - An example: five photos download on LTE before even one finishes on 3G.
1:37 - Video loading versus EVDO: it loads faster than you can even see it, while it's still buffering before it even starts on 3G (EVDO). [images via Gdgt]
1:38 - Separate AT&T and Verizon versions. Canada is covered by Bell, Rogers, and Telus. Either US version is 3G world-ready. You can now make a personal hotspot if your carrier supports it.
1:40 - A lot of these techs (Retina, A5X, 1080p, voice, 4G LTE) use a lot of power. How does it do on battery life? Same 10 hours on Wi-Fi, 9 hours on 4G. 9.4mm and 1.5 pounds [both thicker and heavier]. Amazingly light.
1:41 - Black and white. $499, $599, $699 for 16/32/64GB. $629, $729, $829 for 4G. Ships to 10 countries March 16. Pre-orders start today. [via Gdgt]
1:42 - [note: front camera is still there, but may not have been changed]
1:43 - When the iPhone 4 went Retina, developers didn't have to do anything to make apps run. Everything will still look great, but if devs take a little time, it'll look amazing and incredible.
1:44 - Namco up to do a demo: looks like Ace Combat.
1:48 - Schiller talks Autodesk. Sketchbook Ink focuses on line art.
1:50 - Ink and other apps will be available in April. [image via Gdgt]
1:51 - Mike Capps of Epic Games up to show Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Crafting the Infinity Blade. Now has high dynamic range graphics and tone mapping. Beautiful lighting and action. You can connect enemies for a chain attack.
1:53 - Unreal engine "unleashes" the power of the new iPad. [image via Engadget]
1:54 - More resolution and memory than the Xbox 360 or PS3, Capps says, as he shows off dungeon crafting. Will only look like this and play like this on the new iPad. [image via Engadget]
1:55 - Dungeons is coming soon.
1:56 - [note: Apple made no mention of the iPad 2 earlier, not sure if it'll stay around]
1:57 - Schiller shows updates to iWork and GarageBand. GarageBand is getting Smart Strings to assist with those instruments. New Note Editor, iCloud sync, and sharing.
1:58 - iMovie has also been updated [likely for Retina Display iPad support]. All of the updates are available today.
1:58 - iMovie gets storyboarding and new editing tools.
2:00 - You can record 1080p and play it back on the same device. [image via Gdgt]
2:02 - New: iPhoto for iPad. "It's amazing." If you truly love the photos you take of family and friends and want to do even more with photos, this is what iPhoto's for. Gives you new ways to browse through photos. Groundbreaking ways to edit them.
2:02 - New gestures, new visual effects such as brushes, multi-touch editing, and Photo Beaming to share directly between devices. You can make Photo Journals.
2:05 - Randy Ubillos (Apple's imaging app VP) up for a demo. iPhoto has shelves with albums of photos: tap a photo to edit it. Swipe from the side to bring in a thumbnail view. Double-tapping a shot shows all images that look similar.
2:08 - Swipe images down to take them out of the comparison, and double tap them again to go full screen. It can handle up to 19-megapixel photos: the sample photos are from Randy's 12-megapixel Nikon D300S. Flag photos you like, share them through Flickr, Twitter, others. [image via Gdgt]
2:09 - You can auto-enhance, including auto-straightening and contrast. Easy to crop and revert to the original. Tapping one area lets you adjust that part of the image with a brush. Touch and drag to brighten or change saturation.
2:11 - You get a visual picker for brushes. You can also pick a "repair" brush to clean up blemishes. New visual effects for any kind of iPhoto app, like tilt-shifting [think Lensbaby] and watercolor.
2:14 - Photo Journals: lets you create ha collection of highlighted photos. Ones with captions or favorites get larger placement, but you can edit them to make them bigger or change order. Add notes and text; even uses EXIF photo data. Map with geotags and even a weather icon to tell you what conditions were like that day. [image via Gdgt]
2:14 - $4.99, available today.
2:15 - We brought all of iLife to the iPad: don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't create on an iPad.
2:16 - We love the new iPad and the software it runs. When we absolutely love a product, we create a video for it. Showing a video illustrating the new iPad. We believe technology is at its very best when it's invisible, the clip says.
2:17 - It's when you're conscious of what you're doing, not what you're doing it with. The video outlines the new technology, including the LCD's sub-pixels for the Retina Display.
2:18 - Swinging over to the "quad-core" A5X. Everything you do is fast and smooth, but it still gets 10 hours of battery life.
2:19 - Illustrating all the wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE.
2:21 - Video ends. The iPad 2 will stay: $399 for a 16GB Wi-Fi version, black or white. A 3G version stays too, for $529. [image via Gdgt]
2:22 - Cook returns to the stage. Once again redefined the category that Apple created just two years ago. So proud we've prepared an ad.
2:23 - The ad says: when a screen becomes this good, colors are more vibrant, words are pin-sharp, everything is more brilliant.
2:24 - Apple says that in 2012, "there's a lot to look forward to." We're "just getting started," Cook says. [image via Gdgt]
2:25 - Event's over.

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