Apple IPad Mini Unveiling : October 23, 2012

Apple media event
12:31 - The event is scheduled to begin at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern.
12:53 -
1:01 - The event appears to be starting on time. CEO Tim Cook is the first on stage.
1:02 - Cook highlights the iPhone success, sold out in the first weekend.
1:04 - A promotional video shows the iPhone 5 sold at Apple's retail outlets.
1:06 - Cook moves on to talk about new iPod touch, iPod nano, with sales already past 3 million units.
1:07 - Moving on to iOS 6 -- 200 million devices running iOS 6 within just one month.
1:08 - Customers have placed 125 million documents into iCloud.
1:09 - Over 300 billion iMessages sent in the past year, 28,000 per second.
1:09 - Game Center now includes more than 160 million accounts.
1:10 - App Store now includes 700,000 iOS apps, 275,000 optimized for iPad.
1:11 - Customers have now downloaded 35 billion apps.
1:11 - Apple has paid out $6.5 billion to developers.
1:12 - 1.5 million titles now on iBooks, reaching more than 400 million downloads since the store opened.
1:13 -
1:14 - iBooks has been updated with social sharing features, other enhancements.
1:14 - Moving on to Mac - Mac has outgrown PC industry by approximately 6X.
1:15 - "#1 US notebook, #1 US desktop"
1:15 -
1:16 - Phil Schiller takes the stage to show off new Mac products.
1:17 - 13-inch MacBook best selling Mac
1:18 - Brand new 13" MacBok Pro: 0.75" thin, 3.5lbs.
1:18 - Dual Thunderbolt ports, SD card, HDMI, USB 3, Retina display
1:19 -
1:19 - 2560x1600 display, quadrupling the pixel count over the previous display
1:19 - "The world's 2nd highest resolution notebook display."
1:19 - New Retina Display has 2560x1600 pixels
1:20 - 300 nits brightness, higher contrast ratio, IPS panel, 75% reduced reflection.
1:23 - Dual mics, improved speakers, asymmetric lithium batteries under the palm rests.
1:24 - 2.5GHz dual-core i5 starts at $1699 (8GB of RAM, 128GB SSD)
1:24 - Schiller talks about the recyclability, lack of toxic materials in the new MacBook Pro.
1:25 -
1:26 -
1:26 - Schiller moves on to Mac mini. "You knew there would be something named Mini in this presentation, didn't you."
1:28 - Ivy Bridge i5 or i7, configurations starting at $599. A server edition pairs two 1TB HDDs with an i7 CPU for $999.
1:31 - Brand new iMac, 80% thinner than previous generation, 5mm thin edge.
1:31 - "Friction stir welding" used to bond aluminum.
1:32 - 5mm has been cut from the display, air gap eliminated (laminated display), no optical drive, everything reengineered internally.
1:33 - 27" offers 2560x1440 resolution, 21.5" is 1920x1080.
1:33 - Anti-reflective coating added to the display via plasma deposition.
1:34 - "75% less reflection" than previous generation, individually calibrated.
1:34 - 720p FaceTime, improved speakers despite thinner build, dual microphones, 8lbs lighter.
1:35 -
1:36 - "Apple Fusion Drive" combines 128GB flash storage with a 1TB or 3TB hard drive, fused into a single volume for faster reads and writes. Works automatically with Mountain Lion. Moves frequently used apps and docs between the two storage parts seamlessly.
1:37 -
1:39 - New 21.5" iMac starts at $1299 with Core i5. Starts shipping in November. 27" starts at $1799 and due in December
1:40 - Tim Cook transitions to iPad. Recently surpassed 100 million units sold in just 2.5 years.
1:42 - iPad surpassed PC sales from competitors. Dominates web traffic.
1:43 - iPad reception in education has been surprising, says Cook.
1:44 - iPad-based textbooks cover 80% of high school core curriculum.
1:45 - Used by more than 2500 schools in the US.
1:45 - iBooks has been updated with embedded fonts, portrait books, new templates, mathematical expressions.
1:46 -
1:46 - Publishers can add multi-touch widgets, automatic updating of textbook content.
1:47 - 94% of Fortune 500 companies have tested or deployed iPad, similar results in smaller businesses.
1:49 - Fourth-generation iPad uses A6X chip for faster performance, 2X faster than A5X. Also doubles graphics performance, brings new ISP, 10-hour battery life, FaceTime HD 720p, LTE support.
1:50 - iPad now uses Lightning. New adapters for HDMI, VGA, USB, SD card.
1:51 -
1:51 - Pricing structure remains the same for the fourth-generation model.
1:52 - Now for the headliner -- the iPad mini.
1:52 -
1:53 -
1:54 - 7.2mm thick, 23% thinner than the normal iPad, holdable in one hand, 0.68 lbs (half the weight of full-size iPad).
1:54 - Available in white and slate black (just like the iPhone 5).
1:55 - iPad mini uses 7.9" display, 1024x768 resolution (same as iPad 2).
1:57 -
1:58 - Schiller compares the Mini to the Nexus 7. Mini offers larger display (35% larger area), extensive use of aluminum, lighter, 49% larger website presentation.
1:59 - Android has "phone applications stretched up, not tablet applications."
2:02 - Dual-core A5 chip in the Mini, all specs "better to or equal than" iPad 2, 5MP iSight camera, HD frontside camera, LTE wireless, Lightning connector, 10-hour battery life.
2:03 - Promo video starts with Ive talking about the overall design.
2:03 -
2:04 - Ive: iPad mini is a "concentration of, not reduction of, the original."
2:05 -
2:06 -
2:06 -
2:07 - Starts at $329 with 16GB of memory.
2:08 - Price rumps to $459 for cellular, up to $529 or $659 with 64GB storage.
2:08 - Pre-orders start Friday, shipping begins November 2 in a wide range of countries, two weeks later for the cellular editions.
2:13 - Tim Cook returns to the stage to reflect on Apple's 2012 innovations. iPhone 5, several iPads, new MacBook Pros, new iMac, etc.
2:13 - Cook concludes the event, no last-minute surprises.

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